Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Through the Jungle, Through the Dark

I've been working my way back to you, Choose and Defend Wednesday, with a burning love inside. And here I am, back in your arms at last. Let's run away together and start a new Choose and Defend life. We'll need a little place to call home.

Where would you prefer to live?



Of course they'd both have positives and negatives....perhaps some overwhelming negatives...but where could you see yourself living if these were your housing choices?   Choose and Defend in honor of our Wednesday love.


Secret Agent Woman said...

Interesting choice. Both are actually very appealing tot me. But I think I'm going to go with houseboat, as long as I can pick the lake where I keep it. Somewhere beautiful and warm. Preferably with mountains as par tof the view.

Tara said...

Treehouse, please! I'd like that particular one, although I saw a show on CBS Sunday Morning that showed more elaborate houses. said...

I have to go houseboat for one simple reason: Every snake in the world is trying to eat me. This is a scientific fact. I'd be much too vulnerable in a tree house.

And although all snakes can swim, few do so voluntarily. Incidentally, I will be posting armed guards on the perimeter of my houseboat, flamethrowers in hand, so forget about it you swimming, slithering bastards.

laura b. said...

Secret: The location is absolutely part of your choice! I'd definitely go for beautiful and warm too. One for Houseboat.

Tara: When I was looking at photos I some incredibly fancy treehouses and houseboats. Living in them would be a dream, either way. One for Treehouse.

James: I had no idea you were being pursued by every snake in the world. That is quite a burden to deal with on the daily! Perhaps you should consider owning a mongoose? Two for Houseboat.

Everyone: My friend, Cindy, posted her response on Twitter. She makes Two for Treehouse. So now we have a score of 2-2! Hopefully, we will get some more responses and can shake up this little tie :) Join in if you haven't...Choose and Defend!

FW said...

Hmm tricky choice, I think I'd go for houseboat on balance due to the ability to move if necessary and the ease of getting in and out and having to furnish it.

NoRegrets said...

Tree house! Love the wind and the forest. Boats and water.. not good for a Leo. ;-)

BrightenedBoy said...

Can a house boat be a...yacht? If so, house boat!

laura b. said...

FW: It is true that the houseboat would be much more mobile! And possibly have built in furnishings...Three for Houseboat.

NoRegrets: haha! Seems like water should be good for an Aquarius, but not so much. Three for Treehouse.

BB: Sure it can be a yacht! Go big or go home :) Four for Houseboat

Everyone: We know have it at 4-3, with Houseboat slightly ahead of Treehouse. You are still welcome to comment if you'd like!