Thursday, April 18, 2013

Analyze This! #2

Let's face it, your very own blog is the only place where you can tell about that weird dream you had last night. It has been one in your life wants to hear that shit. But when it comes to blogging, I think it is established that your blog is yours to do with as you like. People reading will possibly indulge you, because after all, you can't see their eyes rolling! They can make barfy noises and you'll never even know! Yeah...blogging the best and so is telling about vivid dreams :)

Here is the one I had last night - I was riding in a car. I was the passenger, but I'm not sure who was driving. We were going down a street that is familiar to me, residential, but long. We looked to our left, the driver and I, and saw a big a tractor trailer, barreling past. It was on the wrong side of the street and looked like it was out of control.  The street seemed very wide and the truck was going the same direction as us, but far against the other curb. It was approaching a stop sign at a high speed and I remember saying something to the driver of the car, that it looked like he was going to go right through the intersection. Right before the truck reached the intersection it braked hard and suddenly just sort of rolled over on its side, crushing a couple of small cars parked next to the curb.

I was momentarily surprised, but then felt relieved almost immediately. A small group of people gathered around the cab of the truck and there didn't seem to be any alarm. Everyone just began talking animatedly. The people looked sort of unusual. They were dressed in very bright colors and had sort of kooky hair, oddly colored and stiffly styled.  I started to comment on how unusual they looked to me, when all of a sudden the entire intersection was filled with similarly styled people  roaming around and greeting one another animatedly. I realized then that they were filming a movie. The whole thing had been set up, but for some reason they were letting regular traffic through too.

I remember being very excited at this realization and I wanted to get out and find out more about what was going on...but that is all I remember.

Interestingly (a relative term, of course) this is the second of only two dreams I have posted on this blog. The other one involved the street too. Don't know why these particular dreams remained so vivid upon waking. And couldn't say for sure why I brought them here for analysis. But here we are.
So...any thoughts? Do tell.


silverthoughts2 said...

Well the out of control truck could indicate that you feel something is out of control in your life-but the fact that it was staged might mean that whatever is bothering you isn't that big of a deal.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't touch dream interpretation outside my office!

But I did once have a vivid dream where a tanker truck exploded and my then-husband and I drove through the flames and exploded, too. It's the only dream I've had, that I can recall, where I actually died in the dream.

Tara said...

I like reading about dreams. You should look yours up! I usually go to Dream Dictionary.

The last car dream I had was awhile back, and my mom and I were in a car we thought was going to blow up. We braced ourselves and there was an explosion, but we survived.

laura b. said...

Silver: Well, I certainly like the sound of that! Rather reassuring thought...and I'll take those where I can get them.

Secret: haha! Understood :) Seems hard to deny that your dream foretold a transition in your relationship. (Even though I'm not inclined to REALLY think of dreams that way)

Tara:You and your mom can get through anything together! Makes perfect sense. And you're right, I should start looking these up :)

Unknown said...

Actually, that dream happened only a year into our marriage when we were still very, very happy- so the transition didn't come along until two children and 18 years later!

laura b. said...

Secret: I see. So, like most was just a dream :)

FW said...

I find it so weird what happens to us in dreams, yours sounds a bit like a dream within a dream because it was a staged stunt.

laura b. said...

FW: I hadn't thought of it like that. I am constantly fascinated by our mysterious minds.