Wednesday, April 17, 2013

His Message Was Brutal

Choose and Defend Wednesday has come back around, finally. Sometimes weeks seem so, so long...and this is one of those weeks for sure.

I had to ponder this week's question for awhile. I know most of them are less than stellar, but they still take some  thought. Part of it is because I've been doing it for awhile now, part of it is that I might not be that creative :) Have I ever mentioned that suggestions are welcomed? They are.

Anyway, this week you get a new skill! But which one will you Choose? And how will you Defend your choice?

Would you rather be able to -

Fly 10 mph

Run 100 mph

So? What will it be? Choose and Defend!


Secret Agent Woman said...

I started to say run, because I think that slow speed wouldn't be all that protective and I like the idea of being able to get away from anyone (or anything). But then I started thinking about the amazing allure in flying and I switched my vote. You could always fly upwards out of reach.

BTW, I asked my younger son and he said flying, because nobody else can.

Jasen Buch said...

I'm going to say Fly at 10 mph. Why? Because running at any speed sounds like too much work. Let me fly.

FLY AT 10 MPH. Final Answer.

Anonymous said...

I used to have wonderful dreams of leaping around my neighborhood. Step, and fly over a couple of yards, step and fly. The dream changed over time to being able to jump, but control where and when I landed. I had amazing swooping capabilities. I've been flying for years! No sweating involved.

Anonymous said...

That was me (Cindy B).

Anonymous said...

Fly, fly, fly. I was raised in airplanes, and I loved being up there but not the noise and smell of the engine. Drifting around would be the bee's wings.

Tara said...

I'd like to do both, but will choose flying. I'd love a to get in some new scenery and...well fly!

laura b. said...

Secret: I totally get the escape option thought. 10 mph isn't fast, but yes, going straight up would be great!I'm counting your son's vote too! Two for Flying.

Jasen: haha! Just relaxing :) Three for Flying.

Cindy: I actually remember having very similar daydreams as a kid! I don't think I ever had anyone else put my imaginings into words, but that's it exactly. Four for Flying.

James: I've still flown only a couple of times in my whole life. So even regular plane travel is still a big deal to me...the bee's wings :) Five for Flying.

Tara: It surely would provide a whole new view! Shake things up... Six for Flying.

Everyone: Looks like everyone is intrigued by the idea of flight, even at a fairly leisurely's still flight! So, as of now it is 6-0. All flight, no super runners. More comments are welcomed!

FW said...

I'll go for flight too, I was wondering just the other day whether humans will ever evolve in this way.

laura b. said...

FW: Doesn't it seem like we should? I vote yes. haha! Seven for Flying.

Now 7-0 :)