Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Analyze This!

I had a dream a few nights ago that was particularly vivid and stuck with me. I've invited you here today to analyze it for me!

Full disclaimer, I tend to feel that dreams are just random images the brain generates. And I know the ones I remember are mostly because I woke up at some particularly odd place in the REM cycle or something....I'm no scientist ;-) But you know...I am still interested in assigning meaning to things! Like...how I analyze someone's dream probably has more to do with what is on my mind than what was on their mind...you see? 

So, having said that, here is my dream: It was a short scenario, but it repeated itself with a couple of variations.  I was walking through some quiet streets. I don't remember other people....or really, the act of walking, but I wasn't in a car.  I'd come to a spot and notice a large, exotic-looking wild cat lying in the road. There was never blood, but the large cat appeared to have been hit by a car and killed. I would look at it and think - 'Oh how awful. That beautiful animal. How did this happen?'  Because it was a wild animal and I was unprotected, I would look at it carefully to see if it was really dead.  I'd peer at it's half opened eyes and conclude that, yes, it was dead. In each scenario, I'd look back once I'd passed to see the big cat getting up. It wasn't dead after all! I'd feel a little frisson of fear...was it going to come after me? But most of the time it just walked away.  I know at least once, it did approach me. When that happened, I laid down and buried my face in some kind of blanket or jacket...basically playing dead.  I could feel the cat's warm breath like a tickle on my face through the cloth and wasn't afraid then. It was no more threatening than a pet cat's exploration. And then, like in the other cases, it just walked away. 

So. What do you think? Analyze!!! Please. And thank you.


silly rabbit said...

You are a spectator! You enjoy the beauty and thrill of exciting things but feel safer on the sideline, where you can enjoy at a distance.
When you are threatened, you turn to things familiar... and the comfort of closeness from those dear to you.

Ha ha! How is that? This was fun laura b.!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Interesting dream. But for liability reasons, I'm not touching it!

laura b. said...

Silly: That sounds about right :) You may have a natural talent here! Nice to see you, Silly Rabbit.

Secret: haha! Fair enough.

Tara said...

According to dreammoods.com: "to see animals in your dream represent your own physical characteristic, primitive desires, and sexual nature, depending on the qualities of the particular animal. Animals symbolize the untamed and uncivilized aspects of yourself." I have checked out that site many times out of curiosity because of my dreams.

FW said...

It's funny how vivid and real dreams can feel at the time. I like waking with a dream remembered and sometimes in my past I have written them down because they express a thought I would never have had. My belief is that dreams don't have a single meaning. I believe we need dreams to help us process information and resolve issues in a wonderfully creative and subconscious way. How interesting life would be if we could all just tap into our dreams when we are conscious.

laura b. said...

Tara: So from that can we extrapolate that although my primitive desires appear dead...they aren't? Hmmmmm...
BTW, I always enjoy analyzing your dreams!!!

FW: I have never been one to write my dreams down, but I might begin. I so seldom remember my dreams that it would be no trouble. And it would be nice to hold on to the ones that do remain upon waking.