Saturday, September 8, 2012

We're All Burning Under the Same Sun

Hello fellow Saturday Scavenger Shooters and all other comers! Today's word, chosen by me, is SHAME. I must have had some secret, subliminal reason for choosing such a loaded word! However, the reasons remain secret and subliminal. I don't know what I was thinking. Had a small struggle coming up with something....but then I realized where most of my SHAME lives. 

Everyone has weaknesses...or I assume that most people do! Many times, what we view as a weakness is what give us that sense of SHAME.  On the other hand, SHAME isn't always personal. Sometimes we look around us and see things that are a SHAME...but they aren't our SHAME...if you know what I mean.

Today, I decided to go ahead and make it personal. Show you my SHAME.

What you are looking at is the snack stash I keep at work. I get a lunch at work, for eating. I try to eat breakfast before work and I will certainly have dinner after work. So...why the snacks? The SHAME I feel about my enjoyment of food is about body issues and feelings that are not quite strong enough yet about wishing I were different.  I don't NEED to eat between meals, but I LIKE to eat between meals. And I don't like the SHAME, but I feel it. And I ignore it. But I am showing you here.

If you give me weight loss tips in comments, you will break my heart. Part of me wants to be someone whose weakness doesn't show so clearly. Part of me wants to be more certain that I deserve desire and affection. But then another part of me feels how content I am with my own self, as I am. When I want to be different, surely I will be. But for now, I share my SHAME.  Hope we can still be friends :)

Next up....Jasen (a.k.a. AlienCG), s'il vous plait!


NoRegrets said...

What are sharkies? And ya know, everyone has a weakness. And sometimes it's not, but everyone else thinks it is.

Tara said...

I like NutriGrain and those cheddar crackers. Are those the ones that have peanut butter in between? Of course, I also love the puddin' snacks.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: They are like gummy bears, but sharks. And they're called organic sports chews. We bought a bunch because they were deeply discounted at the .99 Store.
And that is true...sometimes what seem to be weaknesses are not. But this one is :)

Tara: Yes, those are cheese crackers with peanut butter in between. Snacks *sigh*