Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everybody Gets a Nice Autographed Picture

We've made it to Wednesday, thus we deserve some Choose and Defend. This week you get to be a star! At least for awhile :)   Which of these "look at me" moments would you most enjoy doing?

Guest Star on Your Favorite TV Show

Sing the National Anthem at the First Game of the World Series

To make it interesting...and to get a more honest look at what you'd REALLY want to do...let's say you won't embarrass yourself at either one! If you want to sing, you can. If you want to act, you can. Get it? So Choose and then Defend your choice! Come on, Super Star, shine!


Jasen Buch said...

I have never had the desire to sing any song, any where. I would love to be a guest star in an episode of Doctor Who.

If the choice were any show, the I would want to be a guest panelist on This Week in Tech on the TWiT Network. I know, big surprise) My final answer is GUEST STAR.

Anonymous said...

Guest star on the Big Bang Theory.

NoRegrets said...

Guest star! Need my close ups. :-)

Anonymous said...

Tough call. I think I would guest star on "America's Best National Anthem Singers."

(I'll take the acting gig.)

dmarks said...

Jason has a good idea. I'd be the 12th Doctor.

laura b. said...

Jasen: You can be on Dr Who AND The Week in Tech! That's how you rate around here :) One for Guest Star.

Silver: That seems like it would be fun :) Two for Guest Star.

NoRegrets: Ah, yes...she is ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille! Three for Guest Star.

James: You can act, act out, act up. Whatever you want. Four for Guest Star.

Dmarks: I'd watch that!!! Five for Guest Star.

Everyone: We have no aspiring songsters in the group. Acting is in your blood. You cannot be stopped. "Guest Star on Your Favorite TV Show" trounces "Sing the National Anthem at the First Game of the World Series" 5-0!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Easy one for me - the guest star on a show choice. Only because I hate baseball.

Tara said...

Guest star on my favorite TV show, please! I'm not a bad singer, but I'd have to seriously, seriously warm up to sing the national anthem.

laura b. said...

Secret: That does narrow it down! Six for Guest Star.

Tara: You could do either...I've heard you sing :) Seven for Guest Star.

Now 7-0!