Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lumpish One

Me on Saturday. And Sunday.
I spent this past weekend being incredibly unmotivated. You know I go on about how I love the heat of summer, but for the past few weeks I've just felt miserable. It is so hot and so humid. When I am at work in my little ice box of a library, of course I am unbothered. But when I am off work and meant to be enjoying myself I am always just sweating! I'm at work or I'm sweating.

Part of it is my fault. I tend not to run my ancient air conditioner because of the cost. I have been struggling financially lately, so I guess I'm afraid to press my electric bill higher. My daughter has her own air conditioner in her room which she runs constantly, so she's fine. I do force DR to suffer along with me and he is very kind about it and doesn't complain as I do.

So anyway, this weekend it was just hot and I was just tired and all I did was sit like a lump on my couch trying not to do anything that would cost me any money or make me feel hotter. I'm tired of being so broke, as well as being so hot. The struggling with temperature, money, and my own moods is exhausting. Because of my lumpish weekend though, I do feel less tired as this week begins.

And I try and try and try to remain positive, because there is a lot to be positive about. So much is good. It will get cooler and I will soon enough be complaining about that! I will catch up at some point with the bills or get desperate enough to let something go and there will be some relief. And I will take those lumpish weekends when I must. But maybe next weekend we deserve to do something fun. Let it be :)



silly rabbit said...

It must be a Monday sort of thing... this complain-y post business! I just finished one myself. I can't begrudge you one of your own.

I dislike the heat very much. The man is never over heated, which I do not understand because I am very affected by it.

One thing the Bear and I used to do when it was icky hot, was to give ourselves a good foot pampering. A nice long soak with feet in a pan or tub of cool water, followed by a good scrub treatment (Dollar Tree!) and painting each others toes. The nice long cool soak was the best!

Try as I might, the man will not scrub my feet or paint my toes. What is up with that? I'd do his.

FW said...

I too feel oppressed when the heat and humidity go up. It's a good thing that you're aware of the cost of running the house. Sometimes their is hidden value in not doing stuff because you appreciate it so much more when you're more active. My weekend was similar.

Anonymous said...

This is my worry for the winter. We don't have an a.c. (for the most part, our apartment stays fairly cool) but in the winter there's no getting around putting on the heat...which is Diesel, and expensive. We really need to brainstorm ideas of how we're going to get through the winter without blowing the money we have.

MrManuel said...

:-( Sorry. Heat is pretty much the one thing that can bring anyone down. I mean, who can be motivated when you feel miserable? Fingers crossed for a cold wave your way really soon, buddy!

laura b. said...

Silly Rabbit: Monday is a great day for complaining, I will give it that :)
I like the sound of yours and Bear's heat relief foot treatments. Girlie Girl might be in for that...DR, yeah probably not. Men! :-D

FW: Since the day I moved out of my parents house I have been ultra aware of the cost of running a house. I keep telling myself it will get easier at some point.
Sorry to say, but is rather nice to hear that I wasn't the only one who had a very quiet weekend. Thanks.

Silver: Ooh, yeah that is a tough one. Staying warm isn't as much of a problem because they place heats ups very quickly and of course, it doesn't tend to get all that cold here.
I hope you and S.D. can come up with a workable solution. I'll give it some thought too!

MrManuel: I am at the point of wanting to punch people who say this, but - it's the humidity! haha! Killing me. Thanks for the cold weather wishes. I find myself looking forward to complaining about that :-D

Tara said...

If everyone was up and positive all the time, we'd all look like Stepford people. We'd blow our circuits and that would definitely put a kink in things.

I get that way too, and I guess the feelings I go through, besides frustration, is also feeling trapped, especially when finances limit our options.

NoRegrets said...

I like Tara's comment. Ah, hang in there. Sorry...

BrightenedBoy said...

Sometimes bumming around is what you need to do.

But if money's tight, do something free; go to a park or take a walk. Just getting out of the house can make your day 100% better.

3GKnight said...

Something must be going around. I don't have the heat, but the lack of motivation is as pervasive as ever. Don't worry, this too shall pass.

laura b. said...

Tara: Yes, I am definitely not in danger of becoming a Stepford person! Way too moody for that. I do feel extra down when money is extra tight. Thanks.

NoRegrets: I shall. Thank you :)

BB: You're right, sometimes downtime is required.
It will be easier to feel like getting out once this heat definitely does help to get out.

3GK: I really try to keep that in mind...this is a passing phase. I just seem to lose perspective sometimes.