Saturday, September 15, 2012

And Nobody Knows How She Got That Strong

Saturday! A working Saturday, but still a Saturday...and so, we shall have some Saturday Scavenger Shots.  This week's word was chosen by our fine friend Jasen over at Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections. The word is PARCEL. What shall we do with this? I don't have my own PARCEL of land to show you. We do get many PARCELs here at work though. Items are always coming and going around here. Check this out.

Several large PARCELs arrived at the library last week. I felt a great urge to build a fort from the boxes left on the loading dock. What would a PARCEL like this contain?

It turned out to be some new furniture for the special space we've carved out for our Middle School students. A very nice PARCEL to have received. 
Here is a smaller PARCEL I received at home, just yesterday -
These are some very cool card/bookmarks that a Twitter friend of mine sent me. Nothing...NOTHING beats getting a little PARCEL in the mail. Thanks @inmybook ! If anyone wants to check out her merch. you can do it HERE

Thanks for stopping in to check out my Saturday Scavenger Shots. Looking forward to the coming week and what comes next :)


Secret Agent Woman said...

I agree about getting parcels in the mail (or UPS). It may be the best thing about shopping on-line.

Tara said...

I LOVE the new library furnature! That was an exciting bunch of parcels! I also love that you received bookmarks in the mail, and a cool card.

The new word for next week will be: "happiness"! :)

laura b. said...

Secret: Yes! Even though I've paid, I feel like I'm getting a gift :)

Tara: The kids are loving the new furniture. It is very stylish and comfy. I do love mail!
And I love the new word! Yay!

FW said...

It's always good to see folks enjoying new stuff, glad your patrons are enjoying the furniture. Those bookmarks look lovely!