Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You're Not Her Buttercup

Here I am again with a Choose and Defend Wednesday post. Hoping this one is more pleasing as lately I can't seem to hit upon anything engaging.   Today you are going to receive something...a gift, if you will. And you get to Choose which gift you shall receive.  Then you get to Defend your choice. It is fun!

So, would you rather be given -

The Answer to One Big Question

One Wish Granted

Think it over. Weigh your options. Choose and Defend!  Thank you :)


silly rabbit said...

Wow. I guess I'd go for the one wish granted. That wish would be for happiness for those that I love.

silly rabbit said...

I forgot to defend / explain myself!
Right now I am feeling more like avoiding an answer to a really big question than facing a possible bad answer...
So I would much rather gift someone else with happiness, which would make me feel very good too.

Anonymous said...

One big answer. I know what the question will be, probably been asking the same question my entire life. And no, I won't indulge my question here.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Easy! Don't care about answers - I want a wish granted! I can live with ambiguity but I would like one part of my life to just be smooth sailing.

Anonymous said...

One big wish, absolutely. The wish is a powerful thing, and it appeals to my obsessive need for detail. Don't bother asking for eternal life without eternal youth, for example. I could chew on drafting that wish for a month.

BrightenedBoy said...

I'd say one wish granted. Those answers would be great to have but in real life a wish would come in a whole lot handier.

FW said...

An interesting choose and defend LB! I would take the wish as well, if I could store it and use it only when I need to. An answer to a big question would only lead to further questions.

dmarks said...

One wish granted. Because it could then include answers too :)

laura b. said...

Silly: That is a really good defense :) And I like that you are using your wish to make others happy...lovely. One for a Wish.

Silver: Fair enough! I will just have to speculate to myself :) One for Answer.

Secret: Being able to live with ambiguity is a great asset. Smooth sailing would be nice... Two for a Wish.

James: Yes! Don't get all monkey pawed on your wish. Think it over :) Three for a Wish.

BB: Yes, you may be right! There seems to be almost consensus. Four for a Wish.

FW: You make a good point about an answer possibly leading to more questions. Interesting. Five for a Wish.

Dmarks: Good possibility if you craft your wish carefully! Six for a Wish.

Everyone: Look here! We have a big 6-1 lead with a Wish over an Answer. I could not have guessed how this would go. As always, you guys really give me food for thought with your answers.
Anyone wishing to continue the discussion is welcome :)

Tara said...

The answer to one big question. I'm always stumped when it comes to making a wish, because I overthink it. I'd like the answer to one of the mysteries that vexes me.

Great question!

Jasen Buch said...

I'm going choose "One Wish Granted." The wish? A perfect BLT sandwich.

Forgive me for being philosophical, but I can't help it when I questions like this. My wish points to the fact that I am content with where I am in my life right now. Much like Dumbledore's answer when Harry asked what he saw in the mirror (Harry Potter, Book 1 reference).

When it comes to the answer to one big question, I'll find it out for myself. Of course, I'll probably never get the answer that way. That's fine. There are some answers that even I had them, nobody would believe me anyway.

"I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing..." --Richard Feynman.

NoRegrets said...

Oh my. A rough one. I'd almost prefer an answer because wishes granted always go wrong in the movies.

laura b. said...

Tara: Yes, a wish can be VERY tricky! Good thinking (or overthinking, I can relate) there. Two for an Answer.

Jasen: What a lucky man, to be so content! A perfect BLT sounds like a totally legit wish to me. I am trying to be more able to live with doubt and uncertainty. Seven for a Wish.

NoRegrets: Right! A wish needs to really be carefully constructed or many regrets could follow. Three for a Wish.

Everyone: Now we are at 7 wishes to 3 answers. This one is fun!