Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 5 - Versatility

I haven't done a Friday 5 in quite some time!  Today I thought - Hey. Why not do a Friday 5? So here I am...with your Friday 5.

1. Among people you know, who has the most diverse range of talents or abilities?  Not sure how much credibility I will have with this answer, but the truth is that DR is one of the most diversely talented people I know! I am always surprised (and a little jealous) at how good he is at everything he tries. I could go on and on about his many talents :)

2. Besides its intended use, what are three things you’ve used a paperclip for? Oh goodness. Well. Nothing about this is going to make me look attractive. I've used them as toothpicks, to clean under my fingernails, and as impromptu office jewelry.  I am such a sexy beast, ain't I!

3. What item in your pantry is the most versatile?  I guess beyond the basic spices and things like maybe flour and sugar, I'd have to go with pasta. It is quick and can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways. And I loves me some carbs.

4. What implement related to your work seems to be the most useful in different ways?  Can I say the books? Can they be considered implements related to my work? Oh, why not....sure. I'm going with books. They are useful for education, enlightenment, entertainment, and escape. They can also be used as paperweights, doorstops, and to make you look smart when piled on your desk ;-)

5. What’s an item in your home that seems to have one (and only one!) use?  Although I know this item could be use for other things, so far I have only used my melon baller to, know...ball melons. Yes.

Thanks for sharing Friday and its 5 with me.  Feel encouraged to participate in comments or on your own blog.  Please stop by tomorrow for a PROGRESSIVE Saturday Scavenger Shots... and may your weekend be wonderful in a great variety of ways!


Secret Agent Woman said...

Ball melons. Bwahahahah!

I've used a paperclip to open a locked door (the indoor kind with the small hole on one side), to hang my suet feeder from the regular bird feeder, to hang the gerbils' water bottle from the side of the tank, and as a Christmas ornament hangar. Yep, I'm a regular McGyver.

silly rabbit said...

Paperclips are ear cleaners... the rounded end... and my only prank is to connect an entire box worth of them in one long string and put them back as if they were not connected. I am that kind of party animal.

As for the most talented, there is a tie between the two men who married me. Oddly enough, they have the same talents too. Kind of creepy.

My pantry has apple sauce. Yep... use it in place of eggs in cookies to make them moist, use it in marinade, eat it with cinnamon or make a cake.

The thing is that I don't work except at home, so I guess my most useful tool is my vacuum. It kills spiders, removes webs, gets that thing under the sofa that I can't grab, exercises the dog (she attacks it) which also adds humor to my life. Oh yeah, it cleans the floors and window sills etc too.

I own a juicer that is never used. I mean the old fashioned kind where you grind the whatever on the semi pointy thing to ream out the juice. But I do like to look at it.

Anonymous said...

I use paperclips to clean between the keys on my keyboard. It doesn't do much for the dust, but it's great for getting all those random hairs that seem to find their way in there.

FW said...

Funny you mention paperclips, I tried bending a paperclip to see if I could use it to pin my shirt cuffs together at work this week. I do a regular stay over for work and packed a shirt but forgot to pack the cufflinks for it. My paperclip bending skill didn't work out though and I ended up popping out to buy some cheap cufflinks.

laura b. said...

Secret: :) You are a McGyver! I am impressed with your many non body hygiene uses for a paper clip :)

Silly: Oooh, applesauce is a great thing to have on hand! Very smart. The men who married you are smart too :)
Weirdly, I have to borrow a vacuum when I need to uh, vacuum. So it doesn't get done often. Yikes.

Silver: Good use! My hair is everywhere. It is kind of embarrassing in the abundance when I sweep the floor or in the dryer lint trap.

FW: haha! Aw, well, that was a noble effort there. It seems like not that many men even wear french cuffs anymore. You're classically stylish!