Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Searching in the Darkness

Hello to everyone who has made it to Wednesday. I feel like it should be Friday by now. At least I have Choose and Defend Wednesday to console me.  This week's choice came to me in a dream. Well, that is not quite true. The theme of this year's Summer Reading Program is "Dream Big - Read!" So as we've spent the past months preparing, I have had nocturnal sorts of things on the brain.  This brings me (finally!) to this week's Choose and Defend.

There are lots of nocturnal animals, as it turns out. I didn't even know how many until I did some lazy research.  I thought I'd ask what your favorite is. Since this is Choose and Defend, I had to narrow it down to just a I chose ones many of us might actually come into contact with sometimes.  So....which of these is your favorite creature of the night...and why?



Come out and dance in the pale moonlight!  Choose and Defend! And keep on keeping on until there is time for some rest :)


FW said...

I have limited experience of bats and none of raccoons, so am probably at a disadvantage. Bats fly so fast and with flight paths that seem so irregular and changing. I have to go bats because they have radar and I like Batman!

Anonymous said...

Raccoons are fuzzy and clever. I still owe a small family of raccoons the vig on a small loan. Fun fact: Paul "Starman" Stanley from KISS was "The Bandit" in an earlier make-up incarnation. Yep, he looked like a raccoon.

Also, Ozzy never bit the head off of a raccoon. As far as we know.

Jasen Buch said...

Bats. Why? They don't knock over garbage cans and destroy trash bags and leave the rotting remains of food all over the garage floor or tree lawn. Bats, final answer.

silly rabbit said...

I have to go with bats too! I think they are fascinating creatures. I like fruit bats best... and some bats pollinate plants! If they get tangled in your hair, they are more scared that you are. Really!

Both can carry rabies. So keep with the "If it's wild, don't touch it!" rule and you will be fine.

Jason is right. Racoons make terrible messes.

Tara said...

This is actually a tough choice. Both animals can be creepy, but I have seen their cute sides, too. It's very cute to see someone feeding a baby bat.

I'm going to pick bats. They're interesting characters.

3GKnight said...

Bats. Because their excrement made for a story-line base in an obnoxious Jim Carry movie which I couldn't help but laugh at. Although, if I remember correctly, raccoons made a funny cameo in The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Akyroyd.

laura b. said...

FW: Oh yes...maybe they aren't such common visiters in English backyards! Batman :) One for Bats.

James: Those raccoons will collect, so watch yourself. I like how you managed to work KISS and Ozzy into your answer! Well done. One for Raccoons.

Jasen: I see you have met a raccoon or two :-D Two for Bats.

Silly: Yeah, I can't imagine most bats willingly getting that close to a person. And good advice about wild critters. Three for Bats.

Tara: It is true, they do both have elements of cuteness and creepiness going on! Interesting characters :)Four for Bats.

3GK: Guano! haha! Yes, I recall that...and raccoons do make the occasional tv and film appearance with their masks and little hands. Five for Bats.

Eveyone: I would never have guessed that Bats would be so far ahead with a score of 5-1 over Raccoons! I'd love to hear from anyone else with an opinion...or even without one :-D

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm a week late, but I'll still vote. Raccoons are undeniably cute but they do carry rabies and one nearly killed a woman in my county last year. So I'm going to vote for bats for their insect0eating helpfulness.

laura b. said...

Secret: It is never too late! This fondness (or at least preference) for bats has been kind of cool to see. You make it 6 out of 7 for bats :)