Tuesday, June 12, 2012

With My Big Foot On the Gas

Hold me and tell me it will be alright. Summer is upon me at work and it gets so, so, so busy that sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Yet given that I've gotten through it for the past 14 years or so I must assume I can make it through another SRP :)

At least I do have days off to look forward to! This past Sunday was a lot of fun. DR and I went to a concert. As I've mentioned, I really love live music. This show was at The Greek, which is a wonderful venue. Not too far, not too large, outdoors...all good. We went to see a band DR likes called Chickenfoot. I don't really know their music very well, althought DR had shown me one of their videos a few weeks ago.

Chickenfoot, left to right - Kenny Aronoff, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, and Joe Santarini

The opening act was called Black Stone Cherry. I also knew nothing about them, but they were younger guys; quite fun and energetic in their set.  The crowd was kind of still milling around and walking in when they played, but I think people enjoyed them.

It was cool to see the kind of people who came out. Lots of people our age, old Van Halen fans and such.  The badass dad crowd...old groupie type girls....and some people brought their kids.  While Chickenfoot played the crowd never sat down. Everyone was on their feet the entire time.  Well, we were in the front row of the last section and their were some people behind us complaining, but that was their problem! Even though I didn't know the songs, I had a good time. There is something about that kind of concert that made me feel like the good girl I once was out on a date with her cute rocker boyfriend. I'm such a dork.

I hope you had a good weekend as well. I also hope that your week is less crazy-making than mine promises to be.

For those interested, this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots word is CHIPS. Come on and show me what you're working with :) Oh, and come by tomorrow for some Choose and Defend! Okay.


Anonymous said...

I love live music too, haven't been to a show in ages...but now I live very close to Bethal Woods (orginal Woodstock site!) and in addition to having a cool museum they also have tons of concerts. This weekend The Beach Boys will be there (sadly, didn't learn this until I was driving upstate). Hopefully by summer's end S.D. and I will catch a show.

Tara said...

It's going to be alright! Kick that SRP's butt like you do so well!

Hey, is DR feeling better after the episode awhile back?

Tara said...

Oh, and I finally posted somethin' new, almost mid-week!

silly rabbit said...

You will be the best you've ever been at the library this summer! I feel it in my bones.

Wow! Lucky you and DR. I knew two of your Chickenfoot on sight... Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani. Big favorites of mine. I would have enjoyed that very much.

I think there is something about going to a concert like that, that does bring back those good feelings of being young with the world wide open before you again. It makes for very good times.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I actually miss the days when summers were separate from the rest of the year. Now one week is pretty much like another for me, no matter the season.

laura b. said...

Silver: Sounds like you are in a great area for live music opportunities. I do hope you and S.D. will take advantage!

Tara: Thanks for the encouraging words!
And thanks for asking about DR. His kidney stones passed at the end of that week when he felt so bad...after catching up on his rest he was 100%.
And I love your stuff from Sunday Steals and Blogthings!

Silly: I am going to go with that good attitude. Summer awesomeness, here I come :)
I think I remember you posting about going to a Joe Santarini show? I think you would have liked this show too.

Secret: There are things to be said for the change of pace that occurs cyclically when working with children. I should try to appreciate that more.

FW said...

I wish I'd read this post earlier, as I love Chickenfoot!! I'm so jealous! Sammy Hagar has the coolest voice ever. I owned a vinyl copy of Sammy Hagar's album Red, one of my first albums as a kid, loved it. And Joe Satriani plays great guitar. I also like Black Stone Cherry too though, so I'm doubly jealous! Darnit!

laura b. said...

FW: I think you would have loved this show! Have you read Sammy Hagar's biography? Also called Red and quite interesting.