Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Feel, I Can't Say

Whew! It has been a busy week so far. I am trying to do five days worth of work in three days. Yes, I have given myself a four day weekend starting tomorrow! Yay! Looking forward to some extra time off...yet the work is still there :)
Still, having made it to Wednesday without quite cracking, I believe we deserve some Choose and Defend, don't you? I hope so, because here it comes.
This is going to be one of a little deeper variety. Or maybe not. Maybe it is simple. But here is what I'd like to know for this week - Would you rather...

Lose 10 years, but have plenty of money and ease


Gain 10 years, but have many struggles

I'm not sure if this is a simple question of quality vs. quanity or something more. You decide! Make a choice and defend said choice with vigor. I can't wait to read your thoughts :)  Choose and Defend!


Anonymous said...

I'd lose the ten years; in fact, if you want them you can take them now. Quality over quantity any day.

(Ask me again on my deathbed. I'm sure I'll be humming a different tune.)

Churlita said...

Lose ten years. I've had enough strife in my life. I would rather live whatever time I have better and easier.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I guess I'm going with lose ten years, too. There's nothing great about time, if that's all it is. BUT, this is assuming I am going to live to be 100. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's not about how long you have on earth, but how you live it.

silly rabbit said...

Oh dear. I do not want to give up a single day more than I must! I have always had struggles in my life. Why should the rest of my life be any different? While quality of life is important... those struggles in life are what make us who we are and test our ethics and ability to face challenges. Then we have the satisfaction of looking back and saying, despite this or that, I fought my way through it!

NoRegrets said...

Wow, where do you get the questions from? I'd probably say gain 10 years, because I'll assume that in between the struggles there's good times, which is a lot like my life as it is now. So why the hell not 10 more years of it?

Tara said...

Interesting question!....Well, being the worrier that I am, I'd be worried even if I had plenty of money and ease; whether I lost or gained 10 years.

Since, I guess, struggles make us stronger, I'll choose door #2; gain 10 years but have many struggles. Be gentle, though. ;)

laura b. said...

James: So maybe it is a simple question? My answer changes day-to-day :) One for Lose Ten.

Churlita: That is very clear and makes sense. Two for Lose Ten.

Secret: It is true that even with ten fewer years you may well have a very long life! Three for Lose Ten.

Silver: Yes, that seems true. Four for Lose Ten.

Silly: I really like that answer! Seeing that struggle isn't necessarily something that is unbearable. One for Gain Ten.

NoRegrets: Sometimes the questions come to me, sometimes I have to coax them from the ether :) Yes, I was thinking of just mostly ordinary struggles, but good times too! Two for Gain Ten.

Tara: haha! I like that even with no struggle there'd surely be struggle for some of us. Three for Gain Ten.

Everyone: This was so interesting and I really enjoyed everyone's different views on this question! Looks like right now we are at 4-3, with slightly more people choosing a worryfree life, even if it is a bit shorter.
Anyone else who wants to weigh in, please do!!!

BrightenedBoy said...

This is easy for me: lose ten years. What's life without quality of life? I'd rather die young and well than old and unhappily.