Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday 5 - GimmeThree Reasons

I haven't done a Friday 5 in awhile...these are actually from last week, but I liked the questions and thought they'd be fun to answer.  Tara did this one also, on Wednesday :)  And away we go!

1. What are the top three reasons for getting up early on a weekend? 
     - Handsome Lad has to be somewhere early.
     - I have to pee and end up just staying up.
     - I have to be some place work every other Saturday.  :(

2. What are the top three reasons for getting into whatever your current job is?
     - I needed a full time job and this one was in the paper!
     - I had the right education and experience to qualify.
     - I always knew I wanted to have something to do with books for a living.
Turns out I'm not a writer, but am definitely a reader.

3. What are the top three reasons for loving you?
     - I can carry on a great conversation if you give me time to get up to speed.
     - I'm a warm and affectionate person.
     - I won't make you sorry you chose to love me.

4. What are the top three reasons for spending more money than you should?
     - There is something that cannot be put off any longer.
     - One of the kids wants something and I can't say no.
     - I am coming off a long period of what feels like deprivation and I decide I deserve a treat.

5. What are the top three reasons to be grateful today?
     - I have a job that I enjoy and it keeps me afloat.
     - The people I love are in good health (including me).
     - I love and I'm loved.

So there you have it! I gave you three reasons. As always, I invite you to play along in comments or on your own blog. It is fun to talk about yourself! ;-)

Have a great weekend...and stop in tomorrow for  PORTABLE Saturday Scavenger Shots. kthxbai


Tara said...

You ARE a warm person, and funny and downright awesome! Plus, you always cook up a nice batch of blog for your readers!

Churlita said...

Ha ha. I think "morning sex" could be the answer for a few of these...

Secret Agent Woman said...

Two bad there's not a "like" button for Churlita's comment. And I also get up early because I'm just wired that way after years and years of getting up early to get kids to school and me to work. Like today - it's Saturday, and here I sit at 8:30 eating breakfast and getting ready to go to Zumba.

laura b. said...

Tara: Thank you! You are too kind :)

Churlita: Morning sex? What's that? haha! Good call.

Secret: I know, right? We need more "like" buttons!
I do get up early by habit too...but haven't yet tried Zumba :)