Monday, April 9, 2012

Though We Really Did Try to Make It

Sorry that my Saturday Scavenger Shots are so incredibly late! I had myself a nice long weekend, taking off Thursday through Sunday. During that time, I pretty much stayed off the www and didn't get my post done.  Also, by delaying, I was able to take some truly, truly CHEERFUL pictures, as requested by our chooser, Tara!

Here are some little people who make me CHEERFUL :)  I took these yesterday, Easter, up at my dad and stepmom's place.

Here is my Little Prince ready to hunt for plastic eggs. He tends to get easily distracted when he's supposed to be searching. He looks almost CHEERFUL here...and his perfect little Easter outfit makes me CHEERFUL too.

Love Bug has a flair for fashion! I started to take her picture and she asked me to wait while she placed her plastic baskety bucket on her head to create a lovely, CHEERFUL Easter bonnet. How could that sight not make anyone more CHEERFUL?

Aw! Here is Miss Personality with a very CHEERFUL message for us. I don't know what more I could say about that little sweetie :)

I hope you enjoyed these CHEERFUL photos! I also hope you had a happy Easter if that is your thing. Alternatively, or in addition, I hope you had a nice weekend. Stay CHEERFUL. It feels great.


silly rabbit said...

How could anyone not feel cheerful with wonderful people like your wee ones around! They did make me smile.
I had a good laugh at Love Bug's bonnet. Squeaky used to wear a big plastic measuring bowl on his head.
(He was a Trojan soldier) How sad that we lose that inspirational imagination when we become less cheerful adults!

silly rabbit said...

Oh... I did not get a post done this weekend. I was not home. Tara tagged me for the word this week and in honor of Friday the 13th, I've chosen "superstitious" ! hee hee

Secret Agent Woman said...

Very cute!

And I think lots of people shied away from blogging over this holiday, because my reader was surprisingly not full when I returned today.

Tara said...

Kids are experts at being cheerful! Excellent photos of the kiddehs!

I love the fact that Love Bug wanted you to wait until she wore the bucket on her head as a bonnet before you took a photo.

laura b. said...

Silly: The kids are exhausting, but spending time with them is so much fun. They are just pure joy!
Thanks for that great word!!!

Secret: Thanks! It can be nice to have a little break from being online.

Tara: I couldn't think of anything more cheerful to show you guys.
It was funny, they all like to be photographed and take it pretty seriously given the chance :)