Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Just a Jump to the Left

As promised, here is a more light hearted Choose and Defend Wednesday post for us all to enjoy :-) You are being given the gift of travel! But which sort of travel would you Choose?


Time Travel

Ooooohhhh, right? So Choose and tell us why! That would be the Defend part of the game. Thanks for playing...and Happy Groundhog Day! ( you think I'll post this same exact post again tomorrow???)


3GirlKnight said...

Remember that overthinking C&DW? Yup...I picked right.

I believe cars & computers have sped up life enough for the time being, so I'll skip teleportation in favor of time travel, but I'd rather it be just me or one of very few who could do it.

Churlita said...

This is an easy one. Teleporting myself. I would love to go to the beach for an hour or teleport to San Francisco and wander around and then come home without paying for a plane and a hotel...So exciting.

AlienCG said...

Anyone who has to ask me definitely doesn't know me. Naturally, after doing a whole week of posts on the subject, I have to choose TIME TRAVEL. I'm a man possessed.

Tara said...

I'll choose teleportation, but only if they absolutely, positively have it perfected. We can't afford any mishaps.

Dane Cook is afraid of teleportation, because he can picture re-materializing with missing limbs. That would be a big problem, I suspect.

secret agent woman said...

Let's do the time warp again!

But for me, teleportation, definitely! All the joys of traveling with the misery that has become flying in planes.

MrManuel said...

Hmm...they both can make me money. Time travel to figure out what to bet on or warp into bank vaults? Time travel sounds more fun!

FW said...

Teleportation for me. Time travel is too mind bloggling!

Pamela said...

I think I'd only feed my obsession with 'what if' if I could time travel, so I'll say teleportation. I agree with others - no planes!

Ananda girl said...

Okay... I have to go with time travel on this one. Maybe I could stop myself from making some of the doozie mistakes I've made.

Besides, I've always been afraid that if I transported my nose might end up in some strange place other than my face.

laura b. said...

3GK: hee hee...overthinker :-) Okay, I like that...time travel, but just for you, not like a tourist industry. Does seem safer that way.
One for Time Travel.

Churlita: That does actually sound quite wonderful. A true day tripper.
One for Teleportation.

AlienCG: Someone should write a guide... Two for Time Travel.

Tara: haha! Yes, I wouldn't want to be in the experimental group with either of these travel methods. I want my safety and parts all assured :-) Two for Teleportation.

Secret: Right! Like the most private of private jets. Three for Teleportation.

MrManuel: All about the Benjamins, eh? I can imagine you in the past shooting magic photos :-) Three for Time Travel.

FW: It is very complicated isn't it! There would have to be many, many rules involved. Four for Teleportation.

NoRegrets: Oh my gosh, you're so right. Hadn't thought of it that way, but wow, yes. And the no plane thing is getting legs! Five for Teleportation.

Ananda: Oh my goodness. It is hard to choose where I'd begin with that :-) hee hee! The fly!!! Four for Time Travel.

Everyone: Wow! Look at that! Teleportation is ahead by the narrowest of margins, 5-4. Your answers have been great and have definitely raised my spirits. Anyone else want to join the discussion? Choose and Defend!