Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Are My Candy, Girl

I'm feeling the need for a little sweetness on this very, very hot August Choose and Defend Wednesday.  How about you?  Want something sweet?  There are ever more options for sweetening your foods and beverages...what is your choice?



 Artificial Sweetner / Sugar Substitute

You know the drill!  Choose and Defend!  And stay sweet, baby.


FW said...

Oh my, you do come up with the strangest ideas for these (I love them, by the way!). Erm, sugar for me I think. Honey is too messy and artificial just leaves a funny taste. I usually take my beverage unsweetened these days but for days when I need the energy boost I go for sugar.

Pamela said...

you find the best photos.
honey baby. although I never sweeten anything really - not even my herbal tea. But I love honey - I sweeten hot milk with it.It's good for you!

secret agent woman said...

Although I use sugar in my coffee, my favorite sweetener is honey. It has such a wonderful flavor and I love it on toast and in tea. Never artificial sweetener except for the occasional diet coke when driving.

3GirlKnight said...

I had such high hopes for you secret agent woman. Was right with you up until the diet coke. Ewww... :D

No artificial sweeteners for me. I usually put sugar in my coffee, but only because there's rarely any honey on hand.

Or anywhere else.


Tara said...

"Ah, sugar, sugar!" I only like the natural sugar, none of the artificial sweeteners.

Final answer: sugar! Honey is nice too, though, I don't use it enough.

Churlita said...

I don't do artificial sweeteners either. I like honey in my tea, but sugar would be my main choice

AlienCG said...

For my iced tea and lemonade, I prefer sugar. I use honey as an ingredient in cooking and I never, ever use artificial sweeteners. SUGAR is my final answer.

laura b. said...

FW: haha! Some weeks it is quite a challenge to come up with a new idea. I'm glad you like them :-)
One for Sugar.

NoRegrets: Thanks! I love honey and hot milk too, yum. One for Honey.

Secret: Oh, yeah, toast and honey is great! Two for honey.

3GK: What? What? Did you leave to go get some honey? Two for Sugar. (I think)

Tara: I see a consensus forming :-) Three for Sugar.

Churlita: Tea and honey is a classic choice. Very soothing. Four for Sugar.

AlienCG: Bloggers are not fans of artificial sweeteners apparently! Five for Sugar.

Everyone: No diabetics among you thus far :-) Sugar is in the lead with 5, 2 for Honey, and a big fat goose egg for Artificial Sweeteners! Anyone else want to Choose and Defend?