Monday, August 23, 2010

Somebody's Cryin'

Happy Monday.  It felt great to sleep in kids' last day of summer vacation.  It's been great having this time off....and after today, still two more days to go.  Very refreshing.  A lot of my time has been spent hanging with Girlie Girl and especially Handsome Lad, who is not as busy :-)  Friday night, though, I had a grown up night and went out to a Chris Isaak concert with my girlfriend, Ceku.  I tried to take photos, but only have my phone, so they know, phone pictures.  I really do need to plead for an actual camera for Christmas.  Yeah.

Anyway, the concert was great!  We saw it at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula, which is kind of a drive.  It was totally worth it though, as it was a pretty small venue.  We were towards the rear of the showroom, but were still relatively close to the stage, compared to going to the Hollywood Bowl, or even the Greek (where we saw him last year).  He and Silvertone have been together a long time and put on an amazing show.  Old favorites and new....set bits that I remember from having seen him before and funny little impulse moments with the crowd.  I, personally, have a huge crush on Chris Isaak.  I love his voice and he is just...cute!  I really like his guitarist too, Hershel Yatovitz.  What a talent...and also cute :-)

My ticket
A close up of my concert tee.  Chris Isaak does the drawings for all of his tees and I think his album covers too.
The stage.  See how he glows in his sparkly yellow suit?  That is because he's a professional entertainer! :-D
Here is Chris roaming the auditorium.  We were on the aisle too, but it was the wrong one :-( 

That was definitely a highlight of my, ahem, staycation (Aliens CG and GF dislike the term, but I'm sticking with it), thus far.  Tomorrow the kids return to school and me, my mom, and sister go out for our traditional celebratory breakfast.  Wednesday is my last day of staycation, then it is back to the book mines of Arcadia :-)  

So, what was the last concert you attended?  And do you object to the term staycation, even though vacation doesn't necessarily include travel?  Thanks for your imput!!!  :-)


Tara said...

I like Chris Isaac's music! I'll always love the one he sings called "Wicked Game".

With all that sparkling he's doing in his suit, he could put Edward Cullen to shame!

NoRegrets said...

I personally like the term staycation. I mean, it also forces you to think of that time as different than 'gotta do chores' time.

Last concert? Might have been Justin Townes Earl. Excellent. Great female bass player.

FW said...

It's always good to go and make the effort to see live music in my opinion. My last commercial concert was a few years ago unfortunately but the Foo Fighters are a top notch live act. Staycation? Interesting, I could get used to it!

Churlita said...

Lat concert I went to? Colin Hay.

I don't really care what you call it, as long as I get to take one. I love having time off from work, but staying home and doing stuff around the house. I'm so not a structure person.

laura b. said...

Tara: Wicked Game is definitely a favorite. He played it with the old video playing behind them. He looks almost the same as he did 20 years ago. Hey! Maybe he is a vampire too!

NoRegrets: Thank you, I agree that staycation implies a time apart from the usual shenanigans.
I will have to go to YouTube and check out Justin Townes Earl.

FW: I am such a fan of live music. Even not great is better live :-) I have never seen the Foo Fighters in concert, but I'd bet they were great performers.
I am certainly getting used to my staycation...only one more day :-(

Churlita: haha! I do pretty well without structure myself. Where is my independent wealth, darnit!
Oh, I remember you mentioning Colin Hay. When I think about him, besides Men at Work, I think about the time he was on Scrubs as this sort of musical muse who kept appearing. He sounded great :-)

secret agent woman said...

Oh, cool One of my all-time favorite songs is Wicked Game.

laura b. said...

Secret: I love that song too. It is probably what he's most well known for.