Friday, December 30, 2011

My Happy Holidays - Part II

In yesterday's action packed installment, I got as far as Christmas, yes? Yes.  So, to continue...for myself, as a kind of diary entry, in spite of an outside lack of fascination with the minutia of my life :)

Sunday: Actual Christmas day felt like a regular Sunday, really. We'd had our festivities, so the day was about just hanging out.  DR and I ended up going to the park with Kick Back Dude and the kids.  It was a very pretty day out and we had a fine time enjoying an outdoors Xmas afternoon.  I got a couple of photos -

Here are Miss Personality and Love Bug. Not entirely sure what they are doing, but it may be a simple cell phone photo shoot. Glamorous!

Little Prince is pouting over something. At the same time, he is eating a chocolate. I can never manage to eat chocolate AND pout. He's an up-and-comer for sure!
Monday: We slept in a bit. I went out to have lunch with my mom and sister.  A couple of my boys joined us, and the little ones.  DR decided to go out and do some shopping. Turned into a long afternoon.  Later DR and I went out to dinner with Kick Back Dude and the kids. It was meant to be a 'Welcome Back' dinner for DR. It means a lot to me that while not everyone in my family is terribly excited about my relationship, both Kick Back Dude and his ex, Princess Diva, as well as Girlie Girl have all been especially supportive.

Tuesday: DR and I spent most of the afternoon out running little errands.  He enjoys that sort of thing. Shopping around, checking out prices, browsing. It isn't something I enjoy, as a rule. I choose to think of it more as just an activity to share in with DR and that makes it worthwhile.  
In the evening, we continued experimenting with this quesadilla maker DR brought with him.  We have, so far, made some good to excellent quesadillas! Also, we attempted to make a pinata.  It was semi-successful...but as the basis for an birthday a couple months away, rather than immediately :)

Wednesday: We accidentally slept in a little later than we planned, but everything ended up going okay. We went out towards DR's sister's house to celebrate his nephew's 10th birthday.  Several hours were spent at Boomers. Do you know this place? Arcade games, some outdoor activities like go-karts and a rock climbing wall, lots of noise.  I was happy to be there though. I finally got to meet DR's sister and her husband and three children.  Very sweet people and they were all very kind and welcoming towards me.  We were almost going to head home after Boomers, but both his mom and sister encouraged us to come to the house for dinner and cake. Ended up being a long, but really, truly nice day.

That marked the end of my long weekend of getting sort of accustomed to having DR around daily. I'm so happy it is almost embarrassing.  I can't believe that, if we are lucky and take care of each other, we can live together like this for the rest of our lives. Not sure what I did to deserve the joy I feel, but I'm certainly grateful. 


NoRegrets said...

A new year and a new life. Yay! Keep on enjoying, and talking..

silly rabbit said...

Things are looking good for your new year! I am so happy for you and I do find your life fascinating!

secret agent woman said...

Sleeping in is one of the best things about Holidays. Happy New Year!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Talking is SO important. One thing I've definitely learned.

Silly: Aw thank you! You're very kind :)

Secret: Nothing like a good sleep. Happy 2012 to you!