Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Happy Holidays - Part I

I am back to work after five glorious days of not being back to work. Guess it does give me time to blog. I've been going around catching up on your blogs; getting to see how your holiday celebrations are going so far. We do still have New Year's Eve to get through, right? But hey, so far, so good! Mine too.  Let me dish a bit.

Thursday: DR and his mom pulled up in front of my place around 7 pm or so.  I cannot even begin to describe how it felt to finally see DR after a year and a half. It felt good. Let's go with that.  Good.
We all had a little visit, then I had to run pick Girlie Girl up from work. We had a bite to eat, watched some TV, just relaxed. I know both DR and his mom were very tired after their long trip. I put DR's mom in my room (our room!) for the night and DR and I camped out on the livingroom floor. I would have been happy to sleep on a bed of nails with DR beside me again...but luckily, the livingroom floor is not bad at all :)

Friday: DR needed to take his mom to Irvine, where is sister lives, and where his mom will be staying during her visit.  I had kind of left work up in the air, but decided to just go in since they would be busy. So, it was just another work day. But you know, a little happier!  DR stayed out there for the night so that we could each do our own family stuff for Xmas eve.

Saturday: A busy day, full of prep for the evening. The last few years, as the kids have grown up, our holiday has been focused on Christmas Eve as a time to gather our own family and the extended family together. This year, WTG (my ex) hosted in his new home.  It's just a little mobile home and the place was packed full.  With everyone counted there were 22 in attendance. When I first walked in, I was incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of people and by seeing guests I wasn't expecting to see. However, it turned out to be a really wonderful evening. There was good food, provided by everyone potluck fashion....and so many gifts!

Here are some photos of the festivities -

Girlie Girl and Social Animal cannot control their beauty and charm!

Kick Back Dude and Girlie Girl being jolly and such. Schweet!

Why, Handsome Lad! You look fabulous!

Me, me mum, Little Prince, Princess Diva, & Love Bug. We got stuff and this is some of it ;-)

I finally got home around 10:30 or so.  DR finished up with his own family and came back over.  By Christmas proper he was home...and it was probably the happiest I've been in such a long time.

I will take a break and you give you a break....more to come tomorrow :)


silly rabbit said...

I am so glad that you had the holiday that I wished for you! Glad that DR is home at last and your long wait is over. I can feel your happiness and see it in the pics!
What a wonderful Christmas.

laura b. said...

Silly: I am giddy happy :) Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and good wishes. Those things always help!!!

NoRegrets said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What she said...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad DR got to you safely, I hope the two of you are settling in nicely.

secret agent woman said...

I am so happy for you that you had DR there!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Thanks!

Silver: It feels very easy to adjust to having him here.

Secret: Thanks so much :)