Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday 5 - There's a Wriday on Your Friday

Starting this post with a brag...I won MrManuel's contest on Facebook and he is sending me a FREE 5x7 print of a February photo!  If you want to see the photo I chose, it is right HERE.  I'm very excited.  Thanks, Manuel!!!

 I almost wasn't going to post today, but I like the cut of this Friday 5's jib :-)  Since Wednesday was Dr. Seuss' birthday, the creator of Friday 5 decided to ask some questions inspired by his books -

 1. Dr. Seuss’s first published book was And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve witnessed on your street?  Nothing that exciting seems to happen on my current street.  I hear more things than I see.  Something about the buildings and the cul-de-sac seems to cause sound to really carry.  In general, not a great thing, but it can be kind of funny sometimes.

2. In The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, a boy removes his hat to pay respect to the passing king, but each hat is somehow replaced by a bigger, fancier hat. If you’re a hat person, what’s your current favorite? If not, under what circumstances did you last wear a hat?  I am not a hat person.  The last thing I wore that would even resemble a hat is when I wore my pirate bandanna at Halloween.

3. In If I Ran the Zoo…, a boy fantasizes about how fantastic the zoo would be under his administration. What’s your local zoo like, and how do you like it? My local zoo would be the Los Angeles Zoo.  I tend towards mixed feelings about zoo, but I am currently reading a book called Sailing with Noah: Stories from the World of Zoos by Jeffrey P. Bonner, that is quite interesting and makes a good case for the importance zoos can have for animal populations if they are meticulously run.  The LA Zoo is very nice and fun to visit very occasionally.

4. In Green Eggs and Ham, the main character refuses to taste a certain dish until, just to get Sam to leave him alone, he gives in and discovers that he likes it. When did something like this happen to you?  I would be hard pressed to remember finding I liked something I thought I didn't like.  Maybe ketchup...for the longest time, I'd order even burgers without it.  Then I realized it wasn't bad on a burger.  I still don't love it enough to soak my fries in it, but it's a'ight :-)

5. The Foot Book contains a lesson about judging others based on their feet. Feet seem to be something people have widely polar opinions about! How do you feel about feet, and can you think of someone in your life who has especially nice feet?  I guess I am fairly foot neutral.  I don't have a "thing" for feet, but I also don't find feet at all gross.  I love my grandbabies' cute little feet!

Thanks for participating! I meant what I said and I said what I meant: may you have a great weekend, one hundred percent!  I didn't say that, the scrivener did...cute, right?  But seriously, I hope you do have a wonderful weekend.  Post your own Friday 5 on your blog or in comments here, if you'd like.  Or just comment...I LOVE comments.  Some other things you can do if you want - 1. Make your voice heard in this week's Choose and Defend Wednesday.  2. Post a photo for the Saturday Scavenger Hunt.  The word is - VANITY.  And...that's alls I gots.  laura b. OUT!!!


Ananda girl said...

1. Fireworks! I love them and how many folk contribute to the celebration.
2.My hoodie is as close as I get to a hat. I get the dreaded "hat-head" and avoid that at all costs.
3.Sadly, we do not have a zoo here!
4.Liver and onions. Probably because my mom did not know how to cook it right. She petrified it! Kind of like eating compressed sawdust. But now I love it... it melts in your mouth if prepared well.
5.I agree that baby feet are sweet and fun to nibble. Randy's feet are cold like ice water. I spend a lot of time trying to avoid them in bed. :(
Happy B'day Doc S!

secret agent woman said...

1. I live on a street of kids, so there is always a handful of them playing in the street.
2. I rarely wear hats, but I usually have on eon at the beach for sun protection.
3. Our local zoo is very nice - they've put a lot of work into building good habitats for the creatures.
4. I remember being resistant to escargot and then liking them.
5. I think I'm foot-neutral,too. But I agree with you about baby feet.

Tara said...

You inspired me to get cracking and post this on my blog too.

I'm glad you came around, at least a bit, to ketchup. What's weird is that I rarely like it on my fries anymore. I like it on burgers and fish. I've always liked it on fish, especially fish sticks. It's probably because I'm not normally a fan of the taste of fish and ketchup kills the taste.

laura b. said...

Ananda: Oh, I guess we have the occasional firework on my street...never a concerted effort though :-)
Oooh, liver and onions, another thing I haven't come around to!

Secret: I love summer days when the kids are all out running back and forth between houses.
Escargot has not yet tempted me into even trying it. Shameful, I know.

Tara: This was a fun one, right? Glad you did it too :-)
I know some people like ketchup on everything...probably because it would mask tastes you didn't care for that much. I do like fish though!