Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finished Them Off At the Very First Crack

Welcome to Saturday Scavenger Shots...a bit late.  This is the first chance I've had to post today.  One of those days that just got past me somehow.  But I've had this post on my mind!  After all, I was the one who chose the word - PLANT.  Well, here...take a look:

First, I thought of PLANT in maybe the most traditional way...vegetation.  I live in a apartment, so have no garden of my own.  When I walk out my front door and look down over the front railing, this is the PLANT life that I see.  It is simple, ground cover stuff, but nice!
Having no garden is really no excuse for not nurturing PLANTs though.  As you can see, one of my downstairs neighbors has quite a little grove going.  He uses those big Rubbermaid containers, along with more traditional pots, and has some sorts of trees and things like strawberries and tomatoes and lawd knows what.  He doesn't let a little thing like not having a plot of dirt stop him.  Obviously PLANTing PLANTs is important to him!

 Pictured here is my couch.  When I took the photo first thing this morning Handsome Lad was still asleep on it.  He is not PLANT, nor mineral,  but rather, animal :-)  Anyway, what I had in mind was my own relationship to my couch...the way I PLANT myself on it after a long day at work...and just veg out.  It all works out theme-wise, don't you think?

So, head on down to the Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Credenza PLANT, clock in late (like me) and do whatever it is you do there!  Cause this here PLANT is calling out like Audrey II..."Feed me, Seymour!"  And we do not want to ignore this PLANT.

Tagging for next week...AlienCG.  What'll it be?


Tara said...

I had to take a brief break from sleeping this morning, but then replanted myself back in bed and found a perfect nook in the pillows for my head and just passed out all over again. It was bliss.

I love your photos, and the fact that your neighbor will even use Tupperware to grow plants! Clevah!

laura b. said...

Tara: Ah, I love the luxury of deciding on a few extra winks after you think you might be up for the day!
Yes, the neighbor is quite clever. Sometimes he's back there pottering around and you can't even see him through the plants!

secret agent woman said...

When I had a rental house, before I bought this one, I wasn't allowed to actually plant anything n the ground. So I was like your downstairs neighbor, with lots of container plants and hanging baskets.

laura b. said...

Secret: I think if someone loves gardening, they will find a way.

Churlita said...

Love the couch plant pic. Nice touch.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Thanks :-D

AlienCG said...

Hmmm, a word, sorry it took me so long to find out. How about DISK?