Friday, December 7, 2007

Weekend Wowsers

Hola, amigos. Since this is my Friday on / Saturday off week I am, as usual, posting my Saturday Scavenger Shots a bit early. Maybe this will even remind some of y'all what the theme is...just in case! When I thought of LIGHT, of course I was imagining the gorgeous Xmas light pictures I could get. That didn't happen. Shocking, I know. So, you will have to just view what I have a like it like that. haha!

Behold! It is a magic path of candy cane LIGHT at the entrance to our staff Holiday Party!

Gaze in wonder at the carving table! The bright LIGHTS help the carvers to avoid cutting off their fingers and at the same time, they lend some eerie shadows to their faces. Ooooooohhhh!

Did I want to dazzle you with a fly photo like this? You bet. This isn't mine though. I stole it off the webs. Still isn't it pretty?

Here is my cheat...the little LIGHTs of old grandmama's life!

Thanks for playing. I can't wait to see YOUR pictures of LIGHT. And, I also can't wait to see what AlienCG chooses for the coming adventure!


Tara said...

That last photo isn't cheating, it's very unique and creative and completely adorable!

I once had a layover in Detroit, Michigan. I wasn't expecting to see this beautiful terminal tunnel that changed colors every so often. It was really impressive! I think those photos are at work. Maybe I can get a hold of some for Saturday! Have a great weekend, ya hear?

evil-e said...

Good job again....those carvers still have all the digits because of lights. Those are also used for warming.

I like the takes.

Not Fainthearted said...

I like the "cheat" ;-)

I thought of it, but didn't do it. Good for you!

Great word! Looking forward to the next challenge too!


Churlita said...

nice photos. I can't get enough pics of the lights of your life. They are adorable. Work them in whenever you can.

MrManuel said...

The light of grandmama's ife is very clever. The lights on the house - looks like a bit of overkill to me! Yowza!

Viki said...

OH! Babies are so cute!

Tara said...

Pssst...Ms. Laura, check your MySpace inbox please, when you get a chance! Thank youuuu! :)

laura b. said...

Tara: I haven't been around the blogs yet, so I hope to see those pretty DE-troit lights!

Evil-E: I could play it off like I knew, but I really wasn't thinking about the fact that those would be warming lights! Ai-yuh.
Anyway, glad you like them.

NFH: I can't wait to see yours. I really like your blog.

Churlita: That is kind of sense that I can't help myself :-)

MrManuel: Thanks! That house is nothing I could manage, but I couldn't help being impressed by the sheer volume of light...

Viki: All babies are cute, somehow. Of course we all find our own babies the cutest ;-)

Tara: Oh, man! I don't get over there so often. I will go look right now!

AlienCG said...

You have done well in your posting. This week's word is CARD, let's see how you do.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Thank you....and I accept that challenge!