Friday, April 27, 2007

My Evil Interview

These questions are courtesy of our own Evil-E over at Son of the Noise. Good questions, E and thank you!
Okay, here goes:

Use this statement for numbers 1 and 2:
Suppose you were dropped off on a deserted island for 7 years:

1. If you could only have one book with you, which one would it be and why?
This is very tough! I guess I'd have to go with a volume of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. That way when I got bored I could act out the plays. And he is kind of a fun guy sometimes.

2. One other object of yours could go with you beside the book, what are you taking?
So many possibilities, but since one other object of any kind probably isn't going to make too much difference in my quality of life I think I will take another book. Lets say, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That just seems cool, right?

3. They are going to build a statue in your honor....

a. What will the statue be for?
Helping children everywhere appreciate the value and pleasure of reading!

b. What pose are you in, ie siting, standing, etc...?
I think sitting in a comfy looking chair, ankles crossed demurely.

c. What are you holding or what kind of symbols surround your likeness?
I am, of course, holding a book. Perhaps there is a little group of children gathered at my feet looking up at me adoringly. haha!

d. What does the plaque say?
"She tried."

4. Which event would you rather be a streaker at, the Ocars or the Superbowl? Why?
No one wants to see that! But if I had to choose one or the other, I guess the Oscars because it is indoors and wouldn't be so cold...

5. This is the old last meal question....if you had to choose a soup, a salad, a main dish, a side dish, a dessert, and a beverage for a meal, what would they be?
I will have creamy tomato soup, caesar salad, a filet mignon medium rare, a side of fettucini alfredo, a hot fudge sundae for dessert, and to drink I will have an ice cold Dr. Pepper. Now that is the last meal of champions!

If you would like me to interview you then post a comment stating just that. I will email you some questions which you can answer and post on your own blog.


evil-e said...

Well done....good answers.

I was curious about how the "statue" series would be answered.

Tara said...

Good questions and good answers! I think I'd rather go streaking at the Oscars. It seems like such a proper ceremony, and having someone streak in the middle of a boring speech would definitely be exciting.

l.b. said...

Evil-E: Great questions! I really enjoyed thinking of answers. Thanks for letting me play.

Tara: Thanks Tara! I can't imagine ever streaking, but the Oscars just may be THE venue for it...

AlienCG said...

Good answers, L.B. You are quite brave to ask my Evil-brother for questions. This was a fun game, I think we should keep it going for a while.

Why not? Ask me some questions.
aliencg (at)

David in DC said...

If you could have TWO things, shouldn't one be a carton with two gross of toilet paper rolls.

Otherwise, you're gonna lose that book pretty fast.

l.b. said...

Excellent AlienCG!!! Watch for your questions very soon :-)

l.b. said...

David, my hygiene would probably become dicey pretty quickly. haha! There is always vegetation and the cleansing ocean waters.

evil-e said...

Besides that, Cheryl Crow would not approve!!

l.b. said...

LOL! I don't have one square to spare.