Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Can't Say, Baby, Where I'll Be In a Year

Here we are at our SWEET, SWEET Saturday Scavenger Shots spot.  I choose the word SWEET, because I knew it would be easy! And although it has the simple ring of something we've surely used before, I'm sure it has probably been quite some I figured no harm, no foul.

So what is looking SWEET today?

Here some of the SWEET kids who came to my Year of the Snake Celebration today. They got to enjoy some SWEET treats, in addition to some fun activities and crafts.

Aw...SWEET Miss Personality after a hard day of running the world. Is there anything more SWEET than a sleeping child? Especially one who is so worn out that a box seems like a SWEET sleep spot :)

There is your Saturday SWEET stuff. I hope the rest of your weekend is equally SWEET...and savory too! 

Edit: Forgot to tag someone. Oy.'re up Jasen!


3GKnight said...

Sweet! What, no snakes for the kids to play with? Where's your sense of adventure? Ha!

Tara said...

Miss Personality looks comfy in that box, with all of those pillows behind her! If we slept like that, though, we'd feel it in the morning. I'm not saying we're getting older, but our muscles and joints are maturing.

Jasen Buch said...

Such sweet pictures. It's always great to give a bunch of kids sweet treats and send them home to their parents. Miss Personality is adorable in her box. She looks so comfy and cozy.

I have chosen a word and that word is DRIVE. Think about it. Learn it.

laura b. said...

3GK: It was another one of those missed opportunities that I seem to specialize in ;-)

Tara: If I slept like that I'd wake up dead! haha!

Jasen: I do love that part of grandmammy-ing...back to your parents, so long!
Great word...thank you :)