Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And Love Will Steer the Stars

I thought I'd do a bit of a silly Choose and Defend Wednesday. It is that kind of week. Okay...the Lunar or Chinese New Year is coming up this Sunday. It is going to be the Year of the Snake, FYI. I'm guessing not many of us take either Chinese or Western Astrology dead seriously...although forgive me if I'm stepping on toes here. But in any event, I always find it rather fun and interesting to learn about the different attributes assigned to us based solely on our birth date.

If you need a quick refresher on the zodiac signs for both schools check these links -

Anyway...this is just all for fun. The question is - Which kind of astrology is your favorite?




Choose and Defend! I mean, don't ask why...ask why not?


Anonymous said...

You want me to choose between loyalty and versatility. Am I clever and genuine, or witty and eloquent? I like my eastern side, but how can one be in a whole year category? Western makes more "sense." Probably because I knew about it way younger. The main problem is trying not to let either influence you negatively. Yet, I probably have. I can't defend, only cop to. I'm a good person (dog), but not a very good friend (lone wolf). I am well-versed in being a Gemini. Cindy B

Tara said...

Although both types have interesting descriptions for the Aries sign, I like the Western one. I loved this line, because it's very true: "Personal freedom is generally of great importance to you".

laura b. said...

Cindy: I think the Eastern one can be read more specifically for different times of year born, but I don't know that much about either one, really :) And I definitely try to take away the positive attributes! One for Western.

Tara: That is a great line! As Cindy said, it is really good to focus on the positive things assigned. I ignore that I am meant to be rather lazy and passive at times :) Two for Western.

Everyone: We are Westerners here, in fact. I only got interested in Chinese astrology since working in libraries because CNY is yet another holiday we can have fun with :)

NoRegrets said...

Western. Maybe just because I'm used to it?

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Yes, I totally get that. Three for Western.

No takers for Eastern :)