Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hear the Dogs Howling Out of Key

Happy Leap Day! It may be silly, but I get the biggest kick out of having this random extra day every four years. It is similar to how I feel twice each year when we do the time changes. I guess this kind of taking charge of time sort of appeals to me!

Anyway, I decided to work my appreciation for Leap Day into today's Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Happily, I was able to include another one of my fondest childhood memories as well.  Today is just working for me :) is the situation - a fictional holiday character is coming to visit! Which one would you prefer to meet (Choose) and why (Defend)?

The Great Pumpkin
He rises up out of the most sincere pumpkin patch each Halloween. Then he flies around delivering toys to deserving boys and girls. Be careful not to offend him by asking for something specific! You must be happy for whatever he chooses to give you :)

Leap Day William

He rises up out of the Mariana Trench every Leap Day. Remember to wear blue and yellow and he might trade you candy and cigarettes for your tears!
 Hope you are having a great "extra" day!  Choose and Defend!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Let It Blossom, Let It Flow

" 'Lo...", she mumbled.  I'm so sorry to have missed Saturday Scavenger Shots! I pretty much took the weekend off from internetting.  Yet here I am; like a bad penny I always turn up.  And I'm still in the game so let's take a look at Saturday's word, which was, incidentally, chosen my me! The word is GROW.  Pretty easy, right? I first think of beautiful green GROWing things springing from the rich earth. But honestly, I can't GROW a plant to save my life. Lucky for me, lots of other things GROW too.
Here are a couple of them -

My oldest grand had her birthday last Tuesday and her party last Friday. Her party, held as usual
at Chuck E. Cheese, was very exciting for her :) Miss Personality is 7 now and just keeps
GROWing and GROWing with each passing day.

I love this picture...except for the bag in front of Little Prince's face. Girlie Girl, Kick Back Dude, and DR are comforting him when his sense of being overwhelmed had outGROWn his sense of fun. So many noises, and lights, and people...a little guy needs to GROW into all that action!

I hope you all had a really good weekend. I certainly did. And should you GROW tired of your usual activities, please feel free to join in with Saturday Scavenger Shots...even if you are a bit late!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday 5 - Anniversaries

TGIF, amirite? For a work week that was actually a day short it sure has seemed long!  But it is, in fact, Friday and I am pleased. No big plans this weekend, although this evening will shall be attending Miss Personality's 7th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The only thing to do there is just sink into the noise and let it wash over you like the tide.  But before that, how about a nice, soothing Friday 5 activity? Would you like that? I sure would, so let's do it.  This one is about Anniversaries. Apparently the author of Friday 5, scrivener, has parents celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary! Isn't that incredible? Well worth a celebration. Here goes...

1.What significant anniversary will you be celebrating sometime this year? April 1 is my 10 year anniversary here at work. That's slightly incredible to me :) Another thing that comes to mind is June 26, which will be the 9th anniversary of DR and I becoming betrothed. It was jokey, but I hold on to it :)

2. In your life, what is today the one-month anniversary of? month anniversary of the fourth Friday of the month? I gots nothin' here.

3. What is today the one-week anniversary of? Again...coming up short here. Apparently not so many noteworthy events happen in my life. Although of course every day is a gift ;-)

4. Sometimes the traditional wedding anniversary gifts seem a bit staid. If you had your way, what would be the right gift themes for the five years’ worth of wedding anniversaries? Okay, hadn't seen that list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts in awhile. So, so random.  Let's make the 5 years wedding anniversary the sexy lingerie anniversary. People might could use it by then, yes? And it is fun and impractical, as all good gifts should be!

5. Among your friends, who’s been married the longest? Now that I think of it, I seem to know a bunch of single people, people who delayed marriage, and people who are in second marriages. No one I'm really close to is setting any great endurance records just yet.  Blogging buddies or even casual dropper-inners, anyone want to claim the title? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this sentimental sort of Friday 5....I hope that you come back tomorrow for Saturday Scavenger Shots...I hope that you have a fantastic and celebratory weekend :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And a Mess is Not Allowed

Welcome, at last, to Choose and Defend Wednesday! Today is a day to fantasize. Go ahead. Fantasize., come back here and play Choose and Defend :) Here is the have come in to a great deal of money. You must use at least some of it to buy or build your dream house. Because this is Choose and Defend, there is this one house is going to be very isolated or right in the heart of a big city. But either way, it will be a beautiful, safe home! So there's that.  Which would you prefer?

City Home

Country Home

Now....remember, for the purposes of our game, although you are quite wealthy now you cannot have both. It wouldn't be Choose and Defend if we did that!  So, Choose where you want to live given these two choices. In addition, please Defend your choice. Bring us over to your side!

And hey, I am a little late with it, but our Saturday Scavenger word for this week is GROW. The games just keep on coming :)  Thanks for playing!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

When Hearts Like Ours Meet

FIRE! FIRE! Don't worry...I didn't yell that in a crowded theater. Just right here, in our Saturday Scavenger Shots post :) This week's word was chosen by the fiery Tara @ Eclectic Spaghetti

Was there any FIRE in your life this week? It is the right time of year for FIRE...I'd love to have a FIREplace...although I probably wouldn't like cleaning it. Maybe a nice gas log.  FIRE is mesmerizing to watch. You just don't want to let it get out of control! Fortunately, my FIRE is quite tame. Take a look---

This is the FIRE atop my birthday candle!  It cast a lovely little light and was easily blown out at wish time.  Thanks to DR and Girlie Girl for not putting up 49 candles...that is a FIRE that may well have gotten out of control!

So, I don't have a lot of FIRE...but the FIRE I have is very, very good FIRE. I have no complaints! Does that sound like me? haha! Have a great weekend you guys and don't go trying to put out any FIREs with gasoline!  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Could Forget About Everything

Hey there! Ready for your Choose and Defend Wednesday? Let me start by saying that today I am tired. As you may have noticed, whatever is going on with me often drives Choose and Defend Wednesday...and so it shall today.  The question I pose to you today is - How do you most prefer to catch up on your sleep?

Go to Bed Early


Sleep in Late

Now, I do know that sleep experts would have a thing or two to say about this. But I'm not interested in that. I am interested in what YOU most enjoy.  Tell us what you'll do - Choose. Tell us why you'll do it - Defend. It is as simple as that!

Choose and Defend! Thanks :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All Laura, All Day

haha! It's not really. I am actually at work all day. And to further the indignity, it is my late day! I will be toiling away until 9:00 tonight.  Still, as you know it is Valentine's Day. And as anyone knows who pays attention to my not at all subtle hints, it is also my birthday today. Even at my age (49 today, thank you very much) I still get kind of excited on "my" day. And all I had to do was emerge from the womb.

On Sunday, we had our Jan/Feb birthdays family brunch. I was so happy to receive a bit of cash from my parents. They know what I need :)
Today when I picked Handsome Lad up for school he gave me his gift, and also one from his dad. Handsome Lad got me a very lovely watch. He's a man who still appreciates a nice time piece and I appreciate that! WTG, who for years bought anything I ever wore, got me a pair of pants, a tee shirt, and some boots.  He's one of the few people I know who can confidently buy clothes for other people.

A couple of days ago, Girlie Girl mentioned that she may make dinner for me tonight. That would be very nice...we'll see...she's a busy girl. haha! If she doesn't make a meal, I am fairly certain I will at least have a delicious cake prepared by DR. He has been cooking for me for the past week, since he's been back, and I can't tell you what a treat it is. As I've said many times, I don't particularly like cooking...but eating...yeah, I'm into that.  And I know it is all sappy and stuff, but for reals, having DR with me is like the best present ever.

My little bear friend just came by my desk to give me this -

In case you can't tell, it is a "cake" made of three chocolate waffles stacked up. This cake also features a charming banana smile, chocolate candy eyes, and Almond Roca eyebrows.  Fancy!  She also gave me two movie tickets and the most awesome tee shirt.

So, so far, in spite of being at work, I am having a fabulous birthday / Valentine's day! And I know it is kind of silly, but I get SUCH a kick out of FB wall wishes, stuff on twitter, and in the blog world (thank you Tara!)  I feel so loved!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Don't think of it as an awful greeting card holiday. Think of it as: 1) Another day to tell the people you love that you love them.   2) My birthday ;-)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Haven't Seen the Worst of It Yet

Saturday Scavenger Shots are here...and it looks like I chose a good word for today! WATER. At least up here in these parts, it be wet.  Come see the WATER...

Took this a few minutes ago when it looked like there would soon be WATER falling from the sky. As I post here, it is actually raining. It's very light so far. Maybe not too much WATER up there....

Here's a little blast from the past for you kids. Guess who has two shriveled thumbs and still does dishes in a sink full of soapy WATER? This broad! Um, me. I do. I've never owned a dishwasher. I feel both sorrow and a weird misplaced pride in this fact.

I was going to post a photo of the WATER bottles I store in my fridge. I feel self-conscious though. I know WATER bottles are the scourge of the environment and I should be using a refillable bottle. I'm making a feeble attempt, though, to stay hydrated healthily and this works so well for me. But I promise to clean up my act soon. 

That's all the WATER I am prepared to show you for today. I hope you're all have a beautiful weekend doing the things you want to be doing. Thanks for stopping in....don't get too wet on the way out!

Aaannndddd...Tara? Over to you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday 5 - Bubbles

Finally Friday! What a week it has been. You know I am all happy and sappy, as DR is back and life is just that much more fun :) 

How about some Friday 5 to start the weekend?  I always find it a fun way to just loosen up and start babbling....not that I need much encouragement.  Check it out -

1.When did you last have a bubble bath?  Wednesday morning before work. I nearly always shower in the morning, for speed's sake. But Wednesday was a special occasion and I wanted to start the day in a relaxing and 'treat yo self' kind of way. It was lovely.

2.What are your thoughts on bubble-wrap? I have never purchased it, but if it comes in a package I receive you best believe I am all up in the pop therapy. Aaaahhhhh...

3.In general, how large is your interpersonal-space bubble compared to other people’s? Mine might be a little smaller than the average American's, mostly just because I am around children a lot and they tend to be unaware of the concept of personal space. Because of that constant exposure, I feel like I don't mind as much when people get a little too close...I'm just not that bothered, although of course I remain sensitive to other people's preferences! I'm not one of those close talkers myself!

4. What carbonated beverage have you most recently enjoyed? I have not had a carbonated beverage in a couple of days. Let's see....Tuesday evening's dinner break here at work I had a Dr Chill with my meal. Dr Chill, as you may guess, is Dr Pepper-like, but it is the Albertson's brand.

5. Who in your life can be described as having a bubbly personality? My daughter, Girlie Girl. Usually, I am not the subject of the full force of her personality...but when I watch her out in the world I am amazed that she's my daughter. She's so happy and funny and has a natural gift for talking to people. She's so...bubbly!

There, you see? Just ask a few questions and watch me go - blah, blah, blah....  I invite you play along in comments or on your own blog.   Also, I hope you'll come back tomorrow for Saturday Scavenger Shots.  The word is WATER.

Happy Super Hot FryDay!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back Here At Home With Nothing To Do

As I write this, DR is on his way back! It is a long day of flying those 3,000-ish miles, with two layovers. Still, he will get in just in time for me to make him wait while I go pick him up after work :)
So...I have traveling on my mind. Among other things.  And that, friends, brings us to Choose and Defend Wednesday! 

If you were going to take a lengthy, vehicle-based vacation which of these would you prefer?



Hit the open road or the open sea! Which will it be? Make a choice. A choice that includes a nice strong reason gets bonus points! Okay...there are no points, but still!  Choose and Defend because it is a beautiful day. Thanks :-D

Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Remember the Time...

Yesterday, I had a visit from the past. My first real boyfriend recently moved somewhat closer, after splitting up with this wife of 12 years. Our birthdays are just a couple of days apart and coming up soon, so we decided to get together for a nice dinner and talk. We've kept in touch on and off for the past 30 odd years, but the last time we got together was a good 10 years ago. So it was really nice to have the opportunity to talk about old times and share the insights we've gained over the years (and years and years...)  There is something very reassuring about talking to someone who loved you once and hasn't had any reason to ever stop.

Our awesome 1981 look.

We went to a restaurant halfway between our places called Orange Hill. As the name implies, it was situated on a hill, with an amazing view. We got there early enough to enjoy the sunset over a drink. We had a lovely, long and relaxing meal. I'm going to ahead and sound all hick-ish and say that I don't think I've ever eaten anywhere quite so posh. The food was delicious, but not exotic. We had 11 oz. bone in filet mignon, scalloped potatoes, and glazed vegetables. We both like dessert, so we shared a portion of chocolate lava cake. Should have photographed that...and the view!

The waiter did take a photo of us at the end of the evening with my friend's camera. Hoping he sends me a copy. If so, I'll post it.

So, the past is rather rosy right now...but the future is even more so. DR will be back home on Wednesday evening! I. Can. Not. WAIT!!!!  Yay!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Peep It When I Funky Technique It

Today's Saturday Scavenger Shots word was chosen by Tara, mistress of Eclectic Spaghetti.  She demands that we ORGANIZE. Sure, sure...I am a model of organizational wonder. Or...not. Let's see.

As you may know, I work in a library. We ORGANIZE our books by
Dewey Decimal number for Non-Fiction and Author's Last Name for Fiction. 

We ORGANIZE our craft supplies on shelves, often in those plastic shoe box
type of containers. The die-cuts you see at the bottom of the photo are
ORGANIZEd in alphabetical order!

Um, okay, maybe I could ORGANIZE my personal workspace a little better. Since I prepare storytimes with crafts for 60 kids each week I do end up with lots of...stuff..around me.  A couple of times a year I clean up and ORGANIZE. The rest of the time, my workmates are very discreet if they talk about my piggish ways :)  And also, I can put my hands on anything you ask for! So I have that going on.... Internal organizaion!

Now you have had a glimpse into how I ORGANIZE, or don't, my work stuff. I hope you enjoyed it and do not think less of me. I encourage you to think of me as 'creative'. It seems to help people around here. 

Happy Saturday! Now go ORGANIZE a game or a meal or something else fun. And let's hope we can ORGANIZE a word for next week too...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Belated Word for This Week

Sorry for the late post with this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots word. I know there were legions waiting! ha! Okay, maybe not...  Anyway, this week we are going with ORGANIZE. This word was chosen by the fabulous Tara. If you get the notion, visit her blog: Eclectic Spaghetti.  And play Saturday Scavenger Shots! Yeah.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

But How Much, Baby, Do We Really Need?

As you read, maybe, I am in a bit of a mood. Of course I thought - What better way to celebrate my blahs than to incorporate them into Choose and Defend Wednesday? Personally, I have a couple of ways I cheer myself up when I am having one of those days. These are quite probably not your ways to cheer up, but supposing that I made you cheer up in Fresh Hell fashion, which would you prefer?

Dance Party

Pretend Spy Mission

Yes, I do actually use both of these techniques...pretty successfully, too! Would one of these things make you laugh a little? If not...would one be less onerous?  Choose and Defend! Bonus points for telling of your most surefire cheer-up technique in comments. Thank you for participating, as you know that will also make me smile. :)