Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Done Did It

Poetry Challenge completed!  Way back on April 30 AlienCG forwarded a challenge that had been issued to him by write a poem a day for 3 months.  I choose to accept the challenge and from May 1 - July 31 I wrote and posted a poem everyday.  He did say it was more about quantity than quality, thank goodness.  So, 92 days and 92 poems later, I am officially done.  I will still write poetry, because in spite of my lack of mad skillz, I love it...but probably not everyday...or at least not everyday on the blog :-)  Anyway...yay me!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 5 - Oceans

Since I live near an ocean, this seemed like a good Friday 5 for me!  Even if you don't live near an ocean, maybe it is a good Friday 5 for you too...give it a shot :-)

1. When were you last in ocean waters?   I haven't been to the beach once this summer :-(  So I guess it has been a little over a year since I was last in ocean waters.  That would be the Pacific, y'all.

2. When did you last fly over ocean waters?   I have never travelled abroad, so I would say never...however, when you fly out of LAX going any direction, you take off over the ocean and either continue on, if you are interesting, or turn around, if you are me, just hopping to Phoenix...and it has been a good 20 years since I've even done that.  *sigh*

3. What ocean sports activity seems like the most fun?   I've been sailing, but I get sea sick and a little claustrophobic (that is probably the wrong word) or something when all I see is water.  Water skiing is fun, but that is really a lake activity, right?  I have never surfed, but that looks fun, if you aren't afraid of falling off your board and being hit in the head with it, losing consciousness, drowning and washing away in the undertow.  Okay, I admit I like the ocean best from the shore, just wading in a bit :-)  So, I am nominating the sport of Wading.

4. What are your thoughts or feelings about public aquariums?   I like aquariums.  It is a chance to see creatures up close that we'd never see otherwise.  I guess in good conscience I prefer they not have the higher mammals working for them in shows, but the fishy displays are very beautiful and interesting.

5. What are your thoughts or feelings about sushi?  Personally, not a fan of sushi.  But I have no objection to others eating it.  I mean, people who do like it seem to REALLY like it.

I hope you all have a cool, refreshing, and powerfully relaxing weekend.  Life's a beach. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'll Show You Tomorrow...Today!

In yesterday's Choose and Defend post, I told you I would show you what I look at for several hours each day when I am on the public desk.  Here you go -
  Get it? 
My world and welcome to it.  *sigh* 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey Girl, Be a Man

What do you think you are going to get to Choose and Defend on this fine Choose and Defend Wednesday?  What?  What?  Do you think today could be the day you are asked to Choose the agent of your horrible demise?  Yes!  That's it! 

I am not completely psycho or anything...I've just been sitting across from this display board at work for a few weeks now and I often have to laugh at how what is supposed to be a cheerful summer display reminds me strongly of something from a horror movie.  I'll show you tomorrow.  But for now, in honor of what I have to look at every day, here is your Choose and Defend -  I'm sorry to say, you're bound to die, friend.  I'm giving you a choice, though, of how you're going to go.  Will it be.....

Spiders (Arachnophobia)

Birds (The Birds)

Choose and Defend, if you dare.  Bwahahahahaha!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moonstruck Slap

The other day I was complaining, probably endlessly, to DR about my sister.  She is acting so weird right now and we can't seem to talk and I am seriously frustrated by her.  He let me rattle off my complaints and then he said the perfect thing:

She needs a Moonstruck "Snap out of it!"  You know when Cher says that to Nicholas Cage?  That made me laugh and made me feel strangely better.  Because he is exactly right!  My sister needs a Moonstruck slap and to SNAP OUT OF IT!

So, that is my Tuesday Talk Talk!  My question to you you know someone who needs a Moonstruck slap?  Alternate question, has anyone ever said anything to you, when you were feeling bad, that instantly made you feel better, especially if it was something right out of left field?  Talk Talk.

Monday, July 26, 2010

You're Waiting for a Train...

Oh.  Monday.  Hey.  Somehow I wasn't expecting you quite so soon, but I guess you're actually right on time.  *sigh* 

So, how about some Fresh Hell updates?  What has laura b. been doing to set the world on fire?  Let's review -

- Girlie Girl got a job.  Yay!  Last week she started as a Courtesy Clerk at Albertsons.  She is the third tribe member to be an Albertsons employee.  Secret Agent Man works in a different location, in the Deli.  Social Animal worked at the one closest to us, where Girlie Girl is now, for just a few weeks right before he became an EMT. 

-Friday was one of my days off and I wasted it on a bad mood.  I got that way paying bills.  I had a couple of unexpected surprise charges on a couple of bills that threw me for a loop.  I was able to resolve the issues, but I was left with an unsettled, wound up feeling that I was unable to shake all day.  Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad and I did at least have a very nice lunch together.  Pad Thai..mmmm.

-Saturday at work was long and busy.  Our internet access was down, which sucked.  I mean, I am used to being connected!  Between that and my no Blackberry status, I was hurting a bit.  People were fairly nice about it and we didn't encounter too many critically unhappy patrons.  On the plus side, we had fewer children who couldn't find their parents.  Often parents will go off to use a computer, apparently forgetting they arrived with a young child.  So that was nice.  Also, although a lot of people came in, I don't think they stayed as long :-) 

Little Prince conked out at the park a couple of weeks ago.  He's so cute!
-As I was leaving work Saturday, Kick Back Dude asked me if I would take Little Prince for the night.  Apparently, they had farmed out the girls and thought they'd try to have a parents night out.  So I had good company Saturday night.  He is the sweetest little guy, so easily amused and good natured.  Also, it is fun to have just one of them at a time.  He stayed up late, got up early, but that didn't surprise me.  I can't believe he'll be two next month!

-On Sunday, Girlie Girl and I went to see Inception.  It was the Girlie's idea and I just sort of went along.  I'm so glad though, because I really liked it.  I thought the story was very well crafted, the visuals were quite stunning, and the actors were wonderful in their roles.  It is one of those movies I'd feel comfortable recommending to anyone, as it has the action / effects things going on, as well as a fairly intricate and interesting plot.  And the ending!  Ack!

-Now we are entering the last week of the Summer Reading Program here at the library.  Not to speak to soon, but it seems to have been quite successful and well received.  The teen volunteers worked out pretty well, with only two of the 35 or so, who totally flaked.  Staff didn't seem even a fraction as stressed as last year (which was a particularly bad summer for a couple of reasons).  And most importantly, the patrons seemed to enjoy the prizes and all of the programs we were able to offer.  And boy, it went by very quickly.

And....I guess that is it.  Just a lot of little thises and thats.  Nothing major going on at present, which seems fine to me.  I hope you had a good weekend, with big and/or small events that made it fun and rewarding.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So I'll Settle For One Day to Believe in You

Did you miss your Talk Talk yesterday?  Yeah, I know you were all weeping and gnashing your teeth...but never fear!  This Choose and Defend Wednesday will include some Talk Talk, just for you.   We all have to talk in the course of our daily lives and we all have our sort of signature style.  It is a generalization, but people will tend to see us as The Quiet One or The Rowdy One.  That can lead to requests from your audience and that (finally, finally!) is what I am asking about today.  When you are talking, do people most often ask you to....

Speak Up!

Tell us what they tell you!   And feel free to defend either your style of Talk Talk or the reason your detractors have their issues :-) 

Here is your Tuesday Talk Talk one day late: Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself. - Friedrich Nietzsche  Do you agree?  Talk Talk!

AND Choose and Defend...because it Wednesday and because you need it, man, you need it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

...So There is That!

Yesterday, I was faced with the sudden demise of my Blackberry.  MY LIFE is on that phone!  I mean, I guess not, but it feels like it is...and surely that counts for something.  I have grown disconcertingly accustomed to be being connected to the outside world 24/7, using my phone to access my email, Facebook, blogs, text messaging, and of course talks with DR most evenings.  Fortunately, Handsome Lad has lent me his little Samsung slider while I resolve my Blackberry issues.  So I am, in fact, somewhat connected.  I can call and text, but it feels so primitive without the querty keyboard and internet access.  How oddly spoiled I've become.  But I am grateful to Handsome Lad for the there is that! 

Other than this abrupt and heartrending loss, my weekend was actually quite nice :-)  Both days were spent mostly outdoor with Handsome Lad, Girlie Girl, Kick Back Dude, and the kidlets.  Saturday we visited the park and Sunday featured swimming at my place.  It was still wickedly hot over the weekend, but actually somewhat cooler than it had been earlier in the week.  The past couple of nights I have been able to sleep in my own room rather than needing to be on the livingroom floor directly in front of the air there is that! 

I hope you all had a good weekend and are anticipating a good week ahead.  Me, I am hoping to get over this little funk I'm in and move forward into the second half of July with zest and enthusiasm.  Think I can pull it off?  If all else fails, I do find the "fake it til you make it" philosophy is pretty there is that!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday 5 - Legend and Lore

TGIF amirite?  This looks like a fun Friday 5,  so I'm going to give it a go.  Feel free to play along in comments or in your blog.  You, too, can become the stuff of legend!

1. Most neighborhoods have at least one place that’s (according to lore) haunted. What the haunted place in your neighborhood (or in the neighborhood where you grew up), and what’s the story?  I don't know any haunted places where I live now.  However, when we first moved to Glendora in 1988, we lived in a house in an older neighbohood with lots of homes built in the early part of the century.  This one huge place needed paint and always looked deserted, although it was clear someone lived there.  The neighborhood kids all said it was a haunted house, mostly because of how it looked.  They had a story about how someone had hung himself in the carriage house located at the back of the property.  When I took my little boys for walks around the block, they would always run quickly past that house in nervous excitment. 

2. Most neighborhoods have at least one place where some kid (according to legend) did something daring, dangerous, and most likely stupid. What’s the place in your neighborhood (or in the neighborhood where you grew up), and what’s the story?  Where I grew up, we were right near a little range of wilderness hills. One was called Pee Hill.  Honestly, I don't know where it got the name Pee Hill, but I have my theories.  Anyway, the main thing about it though, was that it was really, high and steeply inclined, but pretty smooth.  Kids always went up there with cardboard and took wild rides down.  I am pretty sure there were quite a few broken arms associated with Pee Hill. 

3. Most neighborhoods have some lame building (like a bank or a gas station) where there used to be something much, much cooler. What’s the place in your neighborhood (or in the neighborhood where you grew up), and what’s the story?  I can't think of anything that was ever much, much cooler near anyplace I've ever lived :-)  The closest thing I can think of is where I live now...there is this building, and I actually don't know it's original purpose.  It looks like a ski lodge or something, which it clearly is not nor ever was.  Anyway, for awhile it was a kind of knock off Chuck E. Cheese type of restaurant.  It was weird though, because it was all chopped up into a little warren of rooms.  Kids were everywhere and it was hard to keep track of yours, because of all the different places they could be stashed.  It was kind of cool, but it didn't last long.  It became, at one point, a gym of some sort.  Again it was brief...I don't think it is occupied now.

4. In most neighborhoods of our youths, there are a few places that almost always cause us to say, “That’s the place where I _________.” What’s one such place in the neighborhood where you grew up, and what’s the story?   Where I grew up there was ALWAYS something that everyone did at Rimgrove Park.  You went to preschool there, summer day camp, played on the toys, rolled down the grassy hill, walked your dog...when you were older it was yours after dark and you kissed your first boyfriend there, got drunk, got high, told secrets. 

View Larger Map

5. Where in the neighborhood where you grew up would you most likely run into someone today who knew you when you were a kid?  I think if I just went and walked down the street I grew up on (yo, Samgerry!) I would probably run into people who are still living there.  It is one of those places, because it is kind of poor, that people end up coming back to, to stay with their family...or they never leave.

Oh, I really enjoyed doing this one!  Brought back lots of memories, in a good way.  Have a legendary weekend!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Instruments of Destruction

Guess what!  Since it is Choose and Defend Wednesday, you get to Choose and Defend!  Oh boy!  Um...did that help?  Let's find out.  Here's the deal this week....I have never learned to play a musical instrument, but I love the idea of it.  Some of you play, some of you sing, but setting that aside, if you were given the chance, which of these two instruments would you Choose to learn to play...

The Piano

The Guitar

Yes, I do sometimes use pictures with cats in my illustrative photos.  I don't think that makes me a Crazy Cat Lady though.  Just saying.  Anyway, getting back to my point...Choose and Defend!  After you are dutiful like that, feel free to provide details about your actual musical talents.  Maybe we can get a band together or something :-)  I'm pretty strong, I think I could be a roadie.  Choose and Defend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Night of Simplicity

So, how's your week going?  Hanging in there?  Yeah, me too.  How about a little Talk Talk for your Tuesday?  Into it?  If I keep it short?  And do all the work?  haha! 

Okay, this Talk Talk is from Sunday's Musical Message.  These lyrics just slay me for some reason...

Drunk girls know love's like an astronaut.  It comes back, but it's never the same.
 LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

What do you think?  Is love like an astronaut?  Or something else...what?  What is love like?   Get all simileval on our asses. Talk Talk.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Moments From My Weekend

----I hosted the Super Splash Tween Bash at the Library on Saturday.  It is one of the bigger events I do during the year and I although this is my eighth year doing it, I still get nervous and anxious about it.  I really want it to be fun and to have it be something that the kids look forward to each year.  This year, it went really well.  Everyone had a good time, even me :-)  Unfortunately, we were shorthanded on Saturday, so no one got in to take photos. 

----I was sooo exhausted by the time I got home Saturday evening.  I hadn't eaten all day, so I did feel better after having a nice meal and a good long conversation with DR.  Still, by the time I actually went to bed, lying down and stretching out under the covers felt amazing.

----I slept in a bit on Sunday.  Aaaahhhh. In the afternoon, Girlie Girl, Handsome Lad and I went to the park for lunch with Kick Back Dude and the kidlets.  It was a gorgeous day.  Also, it was 7-11, so they were giving out free Slurpees (7.11 oz) at the 7-Elevens.  GG and HL went back twice.
Handsome Lad enjoying the extra deliciousness of a free Slurpee on 7/11.

----Miss Personality and Love Bug came over to spend the night pretty late in the evening on Sunday.  During a silly moment, Miss Personality threw our Krusty the Klown doll into Girlie Girl's room, locked the door for him, and then closed it so he couldn't escape.  Uh-oh.  We don't have keys to those bedroom doors.  Fortunately (?) this had happened once before when DR was here.  He was able to catch the latch using a wire hanger.  I gave it a try and it took me awhile, but I did manage to unlatch that door.  It was bedtime then! 

So, that was a bit of my fun, sort of busy weekend.  And on we go....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday 5 - I Want the Fairy Tale

Happy Friday everyone!  I am off work today and trying to rest up because I have a huge program and way too much desk time at work tomorrow.  So, wish me luck with that, please :-)  In the meantime, let us divert ourselves with a really cute Friday 5.  Please feel free to play along on your own blog or in comments...and be sure to check out Tara's answers over at Eclectic Spaghetti!

Once upon a time.... 

1. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the knight in shining armor?  Women of my generation grew up and were taught that it was wrong to pin your happiness on a man...or wait to be saved by a man, your knight in shining armor, in the traditional sense.  I will confess, a part of me still wishes for that, would love to be saved by someone who would turn out to be the love of my life.  I don't think DR is my knight in shining armor as much as I'd like for him to be.  It just isn't his thing.  But I do still believe that in a sense, love can save you.  Clearly, I don't have a fun or funny answer for this question, as you have no doubt sinkingly figured out if you read this far :-) 

2. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the evil villain?  haha!  I'd love to put WTG here, but of course he is not really the villain in my life.  He's played a big role, no doubt.  Sometimes villain, but sometimes the knight or the fairy godmother even.  That cliche about being my own worst enemy is so, so true.  My ability to imagine the worst and to create circular arguments in my head is the real evil villain.   Bad, bad brain!

3. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the loyal, comedic sidekick?  I am more the sidekick type myself, not the Princess or the leading lady.  But my most loyal and comedic sidekick over the years has become my oldest son, Kick Back Dude.  It isn't that he is only loyal to me...he is loyal by character...and definitely comedic and definitely someone I've come to count on for a little down to earth advice.

 4. In the fairy tale of your life, what comes right after “Once upon a time…?”  ...there was an rather unassuming woman who had the power to feel with all of her heart.  It was both a blessing and a curse.

5. In the fairy tale of your life, who is the fairy godmother?  I think I've been lucky enough to have a few people looking out for me over the years.  My mom, of course.  She is always there for me.  When my dad acts in that capacity it is a nice surprise.  DR is watching over my heart, or at least trying to.  But one of my resolutions is always to do better taking care of myself and I am always trying to be my own fairy godmother and bring good things to myself.

Whoa, I got kind of heavy here and I apologize for that!  The questions just sort of brought it out in me.  There is a song lyric that says - With Beauty fading everyday, I'm waiting for Charming to carry me away.  Where's my happy ending?    Yeah.  Welp...have an enchanted weekend...and remember to think good thoughts for me tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lips Like Sugar

I mentioned yesterday that I could use a little sweetness in my life.  So, I hope you don't mind if I continue to indulge my sweet tooth on this Choose and Defend Wednesday.  I thought of candy, of course.  Then I thought about the kind of candy that I associate with childhood.  Not that adults don't eat these things, but they just seem to me very connected to sweeter times :-)  So, how can I tempt you?  Or how can I at least tempt the child in you?  Not in a creepy step into my van kind of way....

What's your pleasure?

Candy Necklaces


Pixy Stix

You know what to do...Choose and Defend!  This may not be a big fancy issue, but share the sweetness and maybe share a little memory of childhood treats with the rest of us here.  Did you bring enough for everyone?  I hope so!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Disappearing Comments

Blogger seems to have gone through a spell of comment eating.  I hope it is over.  Just know that if you don't see the comment you left it is Blogger's fault.  And also know that I answered you and Blogger ate that too.  I see all the comments, because they come to my gmail and they are still there...maybe there is a way I can repost them.  Anyway, give us patience, right?  Right.

Take the Poison of Your Age

Talk Talk Tuesday!  Last week I finished reading The Neon Bible.  This is the only other book written by John Kennedy Toole...the guy who wrote A Confederacy of Dunces, which I am making my way through now.  It was a quick read, and clearly written by a very young person.  There were things about it I enjoyed, particularly the heartfelt simplicity of the text.  Here is one of my favorite passages:
She didn't know what I thought when I saw the moon on her face, or when my arm touched
hers in the movie, or even when I heard her walk into the drugstore a little while before. 
She didn't know she was the only thing I wanted to have that I thought I'd get.
- Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole

Isn't that sweet?  I could use a little sweetness right about now. 

I had a great long weekend and the 4th was lots of fun.  Here are a couple of photos of the little girls swimming at Grandpa WTGs house -
Miss Personality hates her floaty swim suit, but loves her goggles.
                                   Love Bug swimming in her clothes, because she just couldn't wait.

I also managed to make myself unclear to people at least twice over those three days, which resulted in bad communication and the accompanying angst.  I guess my interpersonal skills need work, but I am pretty sure I'm not the only one.

Now, back to the grind and getting over it and getting on with it!  Talk Talk.  Sweet or sour?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Time, Once Again to....

....Mad Men yourself!

When I saw that a rifle was one of the accessories, how could I NOT include it, I mean really.

Happy Saturday, all you mad men and women.  Have a great one!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday 5 - Dog-and-Pony Shows

Almost time for a nice, long weekend!  Yay!  Do you guys have Monday off?  I do and I am soooo happy about it.  How about a little Friday 5 to get the party started?  Yeah!

1.What’s your favorite zoo animal?  It is hard to choose just one and I always feel a little guilty about seeing animals in zoos too...I can't help it.  If I have to choose one though, I am going to say I most enjoy visting the ape enclosure.  Sometimes they seem sort of pissed off, but at least they keep themselves amused.

2.What’s your favorite circus act?  Let me answer you in song -  ♪ Oh, he floats through the air, with the greatest of ease...the daring young man on the flying trapeze! ♫
3.When did you last attend (or participate in) a parade?  The last parade I attended was the  high school's homecoming parade...last Septemeber?  The last parade I participated in was probably a good 12 or so years ago when my older boys were Cub Scouts and they used to march in the local holiday parade.  I was always a leader of some sort and had to go along keeping them orderly or focused on moving forward or something... 

4.When did you last attend a sporting event?  I can't remember when it was, but the last sporting event I attended in person must have been one of Miss Personality's t-ball games.  I seem to remember it being awfully hot, so maybe it was last summer.  It was also very cute.

5.What unique festivals does your area feature in celebration of some kind of food?  There is a big Strawberry Festival in Oxnard.  I didn't go this year, but I've been before and it is pretty cool if you like strawberries...and who doesn't?  DR was just mentioning that he was near a Blueberry Festival last weekend.  I would say most fruit based festivals are a good bet :-)  

Alright then!  Please feel free to Friday 5 for yourself in comments or on your blog.  Why not?  Now, go on and have a great Independence Day weekend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memes A La Oodles of Funch and Raising Sunny

 Before you do anything else, if you haven't already, go to yesterday's post for Choose and Defend Wednesday!  Not to be missed.  Thank you.  Now...

I am doing a super duper meme today!  I saw one on Oodles of Funch and another on Raising Sunny and I loved all of the questions so much that I had to answer them all.  The bear loves to talk :-) 

Okay here are Ananda Girl's questions and my answers:

1) If you could live anywhere on Earth, where would it be?  Anywhere my kids are is my world at this time in my life.  Of course, my heart is torn with DR elsewhere.  If I could live anywhere on Earth it would be some magical place where they and he are in the same area code, more or less :-)

2) What thing really burned you up recently?  A couple of days ago I was having one of those days where everything chafed.  I wasn't feeling burning anger, but with enough sparks I could have gone up in flames I suppose.  It was very non specific.  Just me being moody it seems.

3) What thing or event or person really made you happy recently? My friend Milly just invited me to be one of the first people to stop in and see her new house.  I'm really excited for her and happy to be on top of her guest list.

4) The age old questions... choose all or whatever;
Pepsi or Coke?  Super Chill Cola! (It's Albertson's store brand and I really like it!)  But...Coke.
Miracle Whip or Mayo?  Mayonnaise all the way, baby.
Stones or Beetles?  Love them both, but going to go with Beatles 4evR.

5) What was the strangest thing you have done?  People who knew me when I was younger would say my life from age 21 onward has been strange, for me :-)  I was NOT going to be that girl who had a bunch of kids and not much of a career!  But look at me now.  Strange, but good strange.

6) Who is your personal hero?  My first son, for his sense of responsibility and his great wells of affection.  My second son, for his strong sense of self and personal strength.  My third son, for his deep intelligence and sense of the absurd.  My daughter, for her amazing mind and her incredible confidence.  My fourth son, for his enthusiasm for all that life has to offer and his devastating charm.

7) What did you do as a child that gave you a sense of pride? My participation in competitive skating gave me a huge sense of accomplishment and a feeling of belonging.  I'm so glad to have had that foundation.

8) How are you connected to Kevin Bacon?  (Supposedly we all are in some way.)  Tough one...well, he was in a movie called The Big Picture, which was written and directed by Christopher Guest.  Christopher Guest also wrote This is Spinal Tap, which has my very most favorite line of all time - These go to eleven.  Classic.  Um, how's that?  haha!

9) What do you have an honest passion for?  Connecting kids to the right books at the right time :-)  I genuinely love it when they come back and tell me how they enjoyed something I helped them find.

10) How lame is this set of questions?  The answer is none.  None lame.  Great questions, thank you Ananda!

Continuing on, these are Crazy4Coen's questions and my answers:

1. What is your earliest memory?  I don't know how real this is, but when prodded to remember my first memory, I always come up with this time when I was...probably less than three.  I was alone in the house, or imagined I was.  It was very quiet and sunny.  I was laying on the carpet looking at the filmy curtains stirring slightly in a breeze.  I felt so alone, but I also felt safe.

2. Did you ever believe in the Easter Bunny?  My sister and I were told there was an Easter Bunny and I feel certain that I believed it for some time.  And then, like with Santa, I chose to believe it even when I didn't anymore.

3. Where did you learn the most - preschool, elementary school, junior high, high school, college, post grad, or elsewhere?  That is a really tough one!  I keep feeling there is so much left for me to learn that my best learning may be yet to come!

4. What is your favorite Bob Dylan song or album?  Oh, I am going to be boring and confess that I really love Forever Young.  It always touches me.

5. If your house was on fire (or flooding, or in the path of tornado) what would you be glad (secretly or otherwise) to never see again?  Honestly?  Most of my clothes.  I hate shopping for clothes, but you know...if I were forced.  So many of them have seen better days.  *sigh*

6. Would you rather read fiction or non-fiction and why?  I like reading, in general, of all sorts.  Since it is my drug of choice, so to speak, my way to escape, I do prefer the world of fiction.  I feel like I am in someone else's head or life.  Although sometimes that even happens with non-fiction.

7. Do you receive the newspaper delivery at your home?  No, I didn't get it when I moved to my apt and I can't say I miss it.

8. Mac or PC?  PC.  I've never used a Mac.

9. Was your first kiss all that you hoped it would be?  Yes, my first kiss was lovely and very sweet.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.

10. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would spend money on?  haha!  From this, looks like books or new clothes :-)  But honestly, the first thing I would do is pay my mom back all I owe her and plenty of interest on top.  She's always been there for me and I would love to make it up to her somehow.

Thanks to anyone who read through this...and thanks to Ananda and C4C for the wonderfully thought provoking questions.  Now everyone knows more about me than they ever could have wished.  haha!